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It’s time for Gwen and Xander to check out of the Salem Inn.

We get it, the housing market can be rough at times and even downright scary. But how long can Days of Our Lives’ Gwen and Xander reside at The Salem Inn? Surely there is somewhere, anywhere, else to which these two could relocate? While living out of a hotel might have its advantages, such as not dealing with dishes, and having room service and housekeeping, it doesn’t come cheap. And The Salem Inn is no Motel Six.

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Even though Trask took his million-dollar payout from Sami, Xander was a former CEO and executive at Titan, so he has to have a nest egg somewhere. Plus he’s a Kiriakis, and there’s plenty of room at the Kiriakis mansion. Xander is close to both Victor and Maggie, and with his cousin Philip out of town, there wouldn’t much tension and drama, at least not more than usual.

Of course, one drawback would be that Xander would probably have to put some clothes on from time to time.

Xander makes himself at home Days
Above: Victor points out to Xander this is the living room, not the locker room.

As for Gwen, well the former nanny and mob enforcer’s girlfriend isn’t without connections, either. Though she’s not likely to be welcomed back in the DiMera mansion, seeing the rocky history between her, Chad and Abby, she is still Jack’s daughter. And though they had a falling out over her schemes and lies, it’s unlikely he’d leave her high and dry.

Seeing that Jack and Jen are in Boston for now, Gwen and Xander could move into the Horton house. She once lived there, albeit briefly, with Jack. Then again, Julie likely wouldn’t be thrilled to have Gwen and Xander there. But she and Doug are long overdue for one of their cruises. Plus, Jack and Xander are best mates, so there’s another reason why they could at least temporarily relocate there.

Jack, Gwen and Julie talk at Horton House on Days of Our LivesAbove: Julie likely wouldn’t pull out the high-thread-count sheets for Gwen and Xander.

Unless there is a serious lack of places to live in Salem, which seems unlikely, Gwen and Xander could always do something radical like getting their own place. And what better way to bring back a classic and beloved set such as the old loft that Steve once lived in, which has a long history on the show. Then again, their relationship first needs to survive Gwen keeping the truth about Sarah’s whereabouts from Xander and Sarah’s inevitable return someday.

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And we’d be remiss not to point out that Gwen and Xander aren’t the only ones guilty of living out of the Salem Inn. Over the years, far too many residents have taken up housing there, most recently Paulina and Chanel, Ben and Ciara, and Jake and Gabi. And characters on other soaps are just as guilty of hotel living, especially over on General Hospital, where half the characters seem to live out of the Metro Court.

Let us know in the comments if you think it’s high time Gwen and Xander find a new place to live and where you think it should be. Then, after you comment, make sure to look at our gallery below of hilarious behind-the-scenes photos at Days of Our Lives.