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There’s only one move for EJ after his day in court. And it’s a doozy. 

Well, that was the quickest trial ever — and the quickest verdict ever! Things aren’t looking good for Days of Our Lives‘ EJ, but if there’s one thing we’re certain of, it’s that the truth will come out, and there is going to be life after sentencing for the DiMera! Plus, his demon son (never thought we’d mean that literally) is still running around, so it would be a total waste for EJ to rot in prison during this.

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But once Lucas is exposed and EJ’s free, what’s next for Stefano’s son? Reuniting with Sami? Not a chance. She kicked him to the curb and abandoned all her professions of love the second Lucas pulled the wool over her eyes. So Nicole, then? Yeah, not likely. She’s already shot him down and seems pretty content lusting after Rafe. No, obviously EJ’s next move is hooking up with Belle!

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Above: This time, EJ would be the one turning his back on Sami. Well, again.

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Unlikely? Hear us out, because it kind of seems like the most EJ-ish move he could make. For one thing, there’s the getting revenge on Sami angle. He may have been all, “I would never drug and kidnap the mother of my children! Again.” during the trial — and that may be true — but we all know he’s not above petty revenge. And sleeping with Sami’s sister once she comes knocking on his door again (and we all know that once she learns the truth about Lucas she will) would really get under her skin.

But it wouldn’t all just be an act of revenge. Belle, after all, was pretty much the only one who stuck by EJ through all of this, even if the two did butt heads a few times during the trial. Actually, that last tidbit is an added bonus. They’re two forceful, evenly matched lawyers and it’s so easy for a few clashes to translate into passion of a different kind. Plus, EJ’s got a thing for blondes and he’s running through Salem’s pretty fast.

Belle may be happily married to Shawn, but she too would be feeling that passion. And on top of that, she’s got a history of cheating on Shawn with rich men of questionable moral fiber. Like Philip. And honestly, out of he and EJ, right now the DiMera seems like the far more stable one.

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Above: Belle is a very hands-on lawyer.

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The one downside? Reigniting the Brady/DiMera feud for the next generation. Because Shawn sure as hell isn’t going to be happy about this. But then, that’s only a downside for the Bradys and the DiMeras. For us, it’s more Days of Our Lives fireworks to tune into! Salem will be on fire with passion and revenge. Plus, it’ll give Shawn something meaty to sink his teeth into.

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What do you think? Is seducing Belle next on EJ’s to-do list? Do you think they’d make a decent couple or would it just be a quick fling? We know, we know, “Bellej” (we thought we’d mix things up a bit) is no Ejami or Ejole!

Before you go, why not revisit EJ’s history in a gallery tracing his life, crimes and loves? We have a feeling that after going through it, you’ll be convinced that Belle is next too. After all, this is the man who cheated on Sami with his brother’s wife, Abigail!