Sarah returns to Salem Days NBC
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Hearts have been broken, but all hope is not lost as reunions are on the horizon.

In the Days of Our Lives weekly preview for January 17 – 21, several Salemites finally return home. Read about the details and watch the latest preview.

Nancy returned to Salem on Friday and dropped a bomb on Chloe. Nancy believed Craig was cheating on her with another woman. Craig follows Nancy to Salem next week and will have a lot of explaining to do. This wouldn’t be the first time that Craig stepped out Nancy, but it might be the last if he is in fact guilty.

Jake and Gabi made their pitch to Maggie about taking over Titan and going after DiMera. Surprisingly Maggie felt their pitch was a good idea and would provide Victor with a win over his rival that could lift his spirits given Philip is still missing. Later though Jake and Gabi’s plan hit a snag when they discovered EJ had signed his shares over to Johnny, giving him voting rights.

In the preview for what’s to come, Chanel cries to her mother that Johnny was everything to her. Elsewhere, Johnny disrobes and makes moves on Gabi! Obviously, this is either all in JoDevil’s head or another scheme of Gabi’s. If it’s the latter, she could be in big trouble as she has no idea she’s really playing games with the devil.

Finally, ever since running into Rex over the holidays and learning he was not with Sarah, Xander and Maggie began questioning exactly where Sarah has been. Well, the wait is over as Sarah returns home and is reunited with Xander and her mother. But how will she explain where’s she’s been, and how did she escape Kristen’s clutches?

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