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Credit: NBC; Jill Johnson/JPI

This week’s to-do was a DiMera mansion gathering for the books.

If you tuned into Days of Our Lives on Monday, January 10, you had a front row seat to a very pissed off Paulina! The sassy character’s portrayer Jackée Harry shared a video of the Salem scene and stated, “If you’re not watching Days of Our Lives you’re missing the drama, honey!”

For those who missed the drama, Paulina went off the rails after Johnny dumped her daughter Chanel at their own wedding party, claiming that after about a minute of being married, he realized there was much more he needed to explore and experience before being tied down at such a young age. Though EJ stepped forward and tried to calm Paulina down, she snapped back at his “audacity to assume that my daughter is going after your son’s money!”

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However, none of them realized that the devil made Johnny do it — and when JoDevil reminded Paulina that he “just did” the one thing she warned him about — not to hurt her daughter — she came unglued, grabbed him as he walked up the stairs at the DiMera mansion and forbad him from walking away from her. But all JoDevil had to do to break free from her steely grasp was look up at the chandelier and boom! It came crashing down and almost crushed Paulina.

Harry’s post did not go unnoticed by Johnny’s portrayer, Carson Boatman, who took to the comments to apologize for JoDevil’s actions, “I’m sorry!” And in response to Harry’s stellar performance, her Sister, Sister co-star Tim Reid simply stated, “That’s my Jackée!”

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