EJ vs Lucas in Court Days
Credit: NBC screenshot

EJ’s going to need Judge Judy’s help to see through Lucas’ lies.

In the Days of Our Lives weekly preview for January 10 – 14, EJ faces off with Lucas in court. Read about the details and watch the latest preview.

Thanks to Lucas doctoring financial records making it look like EJ was paying the man holding Sami hostage for months, who was actually working for Lucas, EJ came out looking like the guilty party in Samantha’s kidnapping. Lucas even talked Chad into helping him keep the charade going, as it benefited Chad by having EJ tossed out of DiMera Enterprises by the board.

With even Sami believing the love of her life kidnapped her, EJ is facing an uphill battle in court. EJ’s hired Belle to defend him as it’s no secret that sisters Belle and Sami have a history of being on opposite sides. In the preview for what’s to come, EJ faces off with Lucas in a People’s Court-style case of “Haughty vs. Naughty.”

During the proceedings, EJ continues to insist he’s been framed. He’s already made it clear to many, including Kate, that it was her precious son Lucas behind Sami’s month-long torture. However, he likely won’t win himself any favors when he threatens to kill Lucas before the judge, jury, and entire courtroom!

Are you hoping Sami will reunite with EJ after he clears his name, or even if she realizes Lucas is guilty, that Sami decides he really is her soulmate? Let us know in the comments!

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Video: Days of Our Lives/YouTube