Xander Kiriakis and Sarah Horton reconnect on Days of our Lives
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

A familiar obstacle may come between the lovebirds yet again! 

When Days of Our Lives’ Kristen shipped Sarah off to parts unknown, we all sort of assumed that Xander’s true love would return. We were even able to guess at the storyline trajectory, especially once his alcohol-fueled downward spiral propelled him into Gwen’s bed. Clearly, the troubled souls would find themselves falling for one another at which point Xander would discover the true circumstances under which Sarah became a supposed runaway bride.

Sure enough, Gwen’s nightmare scenario began to unfold, indicating to Xarah fans that their dream of her return would soon come true. Then, this week, the Days spoilers for the week of January 17th confirmed that Sarah would, indeed, be showing up. In fact, it appears that on Thursday, January 20th, the hunk will finally get the answers he’s been longing for.

Or will he?

Call us crazy, but the whole thing seems to be falling into place a little too easily, which leaves us thinking that the woman who shows up next week will look like Sarah and sound like Sarah but in fact be Kristen.

days sarah kristen hostage JJ

Above: For all we know, that could be Stefano lurking behind a mask. They are just that good!

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

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Think about it: Kristen has been on the run for a while. The last thing she should do is show up in Salem, but we all know that when it comes to Kristen, she’s just not able to stay away from Rachel and Brady. What better way to sneak back into town than by donning one of her infamous height-altering, voice-changing masks? We know she has one which can transform her into Sarah, given that she slipped it on in order to seduce Rex and fool Xander.

Might Godfrey soon find herself pulling double-duty as she plays both Sarah and her kidnapper? Or will we learn that Kristen — in order to avoid paying for the multitude of sins which will forever haunt her — has decided to start a new life by snuffing out Sarah’s in order to claim it as her own?

Should the soon-to-return Sarah happily hand Xander over to Gwen and start making googly eyes at Brady, we’ll have our answer, won’t we? But in the meantime, why not hit the comments to speculate wildly about what you think will happen once Godfrey brings her much-loved alter ego (or at least someone who looks a lot like her!) back to town. Then remind yourself why we fell so hard for Xander and Sarah in the first place by flipping through the photo album below in which we capture their epic love story!