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NBC co-stars have fun behind the camera.

Ava’s portrayer Tamara Braun had a little fun on Instagram by sharing some behind-the-scenes Days of Our Lives photos of “Rava at their finest.” Even though it was just a fantasy inside Ava’s head, viewers got to witness the character unleash her anger on Rafe in a messy attack — with cake! “Well, Ava. Well, Tamara?” she shared. “I sure did have fun smashing that cake in the face.”

She praised her co-star Galen Gering for being “such a good sport about the whole thing” then said, “Well, come on, he got to eat cake!” Braun closed out the post by admitting that the scene had been one of the funniest moments on the NBC soap and hoped everyone got “to eat cake (preferably vegan).”

It all started in the Wednesday, January 3, episode when Rafe brought her an apology cake and asked for forgiveness for being such a jerk as of late. Ava fantasized about smashing the sweet treat in his face and leaving him in the square with a big ‘ole “stick your apology where the sun don’t shine” retreat. However, in the end, she returned his apology with a hug of acceptance — followed by a vengeful glare at Nicole who happened to walk by and see them.

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Just when it was starting to appear that Ava had changed her old ways, her past darkness has surfaced and her jealousy has reached a new height — just ask Duke the bear, who is now missing his head, due to Ava uncovering Rafe and Nicole’s secret shenanigans. And hey, you have to admit, what fun would it be in Salem without a sassy villainess?!

Galen Gering and Tamara Braun flank a life sized teddy bear in a cowboy hat. Days of Our Lives

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