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The actress is as much of a fan of Chad and Abby as the viewers. 

You know you’ve become a true supercouple when, not only do you get your own mashup name, the fans go hard at whoever tries to co-op it! If there was any doubt about how huge Days of Our Lives‘ “Chabby” is, just take a look at the fan reactions when Young & Restless tried giving Chance and Abby the same name!

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While Marci Miller stayed out of that particular controversy, when sat down to talk about new motherhood and her return to Salem with Soap Opera Digest, she did have a few things to say about Chad and Abigail’s relationship.

“I’m always going to root for Chad and Abby, as long as it doesn’t get too crazy,” Miller said. “I’m always going to want them to be together and happy.”

With that said, though, she does wish that sometimes things weren’t quite as crazy as often as they are. Though the couple first met way back in 2014, they’ve never had an easy time of it. They do, after all, live in Salem, and Chad’s the illegitimate son of the late, great supervillain Stefano DiMera.

Chad prevents Abigail from going after Gwen on Days of Our Lives

There have been kidnappings, fires, car accidents, fake deaths, affairs, alters, hallucinogenic drugs, wild, world-saving adventures Beyond Salem… It’s enough to make your head spin! Frankly, we aren’t sure where they even find the time to raise kids. Luckily they’re rich enough to hire others to do it for them. But that’s a question for another time, because while Miller didn’t have much to say on that front, she did have some thoughts on their insane lives together.

“I wish we could slow down,” she admitted to Digest, “and just really watch them work things out and get into some of the details [of why they happened].”

And we know the fans certainly agree with Miller. It’s those quiet moments in between that really make us appreciate couples even more once the craziness starts up and their lives are thrown upside down. Plus, sometimes it can be tough to put your finger on that indefinable quality that makes some super couples sizzle and others sputter out. It would be great to explore that more with Chad and Abigail.

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Ultimately, though, Miller shared that she’s “always grateful to get to work with Billy [Flynn, Chad], regardless of what [the storyline is] looking like.”

That’s something we can all agree on and all be grateful for! And for those doubting that this supercouple’s life is anything but crazy, why not take a look at a photo gallery of all those who’ve tried — and failed! — to come between Chabby.