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The timing of a ‘Xwen’ engagement is classic soap.

Days of Our Lives’ Gwen has been working overtime to keep Xander in the dark about Sarah. But keeping him locked away in their hotel room plied with sex didn’t cut it. Her attempts to whisk him out of town was a good idea, but then they ran into Rex, who filled Xander in on “Sarah” dumping him too. And, well, that’s the last thing Gwen needed because now Xander is dead set on finding out what’s going on with his former fiancée.

To accomplish that, spoilers say Xander turns to Abigail for help getting to the bottom of things. Furthermore, according to Soap Opera Digest’s 2022 preview, the investigative reporter reaches out to Sarah’s mother, Maggie for help with her task.

xander talks to maggie who's having unsettled memories days of our lives

Per the magazine, Gwen doesn’t take too kindly to her estranged sister trying to bring back the love of her beau’s life. Which could be exactly why Abigail’s doing it. The women have been largely staying out of each other’s way since Gwen was forced to admit she lied about her miscarriage, but this is sure to ignite a new feud — especially if Abigail’s search leads to Sarah reuniting with Xander, the only person who accepts Gwen for who she is.

Gwen might just be getting in her own way though, as Xander seemingly feels the same way about her. In a stunning move, Xander goes so far as to propose to the new lady in his life. An engagement between the two seems a little fast, but that only fuels speculation that Sarah is on her way back. Gwen finally getting the happiness she’s so craved her whole life, just as her fianacé’s fiancée pops up out of nowhere is textbook soap.

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Xander picks up Sarah, who wraps her legs around his waist, as they kiss on Days of Our Lives

Should Sarah return to reclaim her life, Abigail might want to start worrying about her sister’s retaliation, considering it could cause Gwen to lose out again. On the other hand, Xander could be torn, as his feelings for Gwen are genuine and the two are of similar ilk. Besides, Sarah might not be too thrilled to learn Xander so easily believed she’d dump him for Rex and never came to look for her. Then again, when Xander finds out Gwen knew Sarah was being held captive and didn’t tell anyone, and helped Kristen (a.k.a. the woman who kidnapped Sarah) escape from prison, well then, all bets are probably off for her.

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Abigail lunges at Gwen on Days of Our Lives

Whatever happens, it seems Gwen is headed for a lot of upheaval with Xander, possibly Sarah, and especially Abigail. What do you hope happens? Tell us in the comments and then look through our photo gallery of soap stars with their real-life sisters — who we can only hope have better relationships than Gwen and Abigail.