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A whole lot of fans responded… just not in the way Young & Restless hoped! 

It started simply enough, with one of The Young and the Restless‘ official Twitter accounts encouraging fans to show a little love to one of their couples. If you’re asking yourself how something so relatively innocent could go wrong… well, you probably haven’t spent a whole lot of time on #soaptwitter.

See, soap fans love their shows in general and their couples in particular. And when you mess with said couples, whether intentionally or otherwise, it tends not to go well. (Trust us, we’ve unintentionally poked the bear more than once!) In this case, someone at Young & Restless thought it might be fun to suggest that fans of Chance and Abby show them a little love with a retweet. Only they didn’t refer to the newly-reunited couple by their full names, instead using the “squish” name Chabby.

You probably see exactly where this is going, right?

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So here’s the thing: Chabby is a cute name… which was claimed years ago by Days of Our Lives‘ Chad and Abigail. And when it comes to “squish” names, well, as Chad’s portrayer Billy Flynn said via the humorous meme below, “there can be only one.”

What followed was a barrage of tweets from Days fans determined to make it super-duper clear that Salem’s Chabby had earned the title and weren’t about to give it up.

Some offered up suggestions for other squish names Chance/Abby fans could consider, including Chabbs and Chanby. Most, however, didn’t much care what name the pair went by as long as it wasn’t Chabby.

If you’re not much for Twitter and wonder why this is such a big deal, it has less to do with the name and more to do with the hashtag symbol which proceeds it. When soap fans want to discuss their favorite show or topic without having to wade through unrelated tweets, they can do so by simply searching the hashtag. So in this case, fans of the Days pairing were making it clear they didn’t want to see Young & Restless‘ Chance and Abby clogging up their timelines.

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While the original tweet did receive hundreds of responses and retweets, the vast majority were from Days viewers as opposed to the Chance/Abby fans Young & Restless clearly hoped to hear from.

On the plus side, scattered among the often scathing replies was a bit of love for Abby and her troubled spouse, with many having followed the pair’s romance since first they crossed paths. Others voiced concern for their future, especially given that Chance’s behavior has seemed somewhat “off” since he returned from the mission which saw him briefly declared dead.

Perhaps our favorite response came from a viewer who, like us, noticed that Chance seems to spend an awful lot of time wearing outfits which make it seem as if perhaps they should turn up the heat in the Chancellor mansion.

So what do you think, Young & Restless viewers? Should Chance and Abby officially be dubbed “Chanby” or perhaps “Chabbs” or something entirely different? Cast your vote in the comments section below, then join us in reliving their romance via the gallery below.