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These are the “DAYS” of my week for December 7-11:

Christmas in Salem has begun. The sets are festooned with wreaths and other seasonal decorations and the Brady’s started trimming their tree. There seemed to be a bit of a ‘moving’ theme this week as well. Carly moved from Bo’s, thinking she’d move into Maggie’s, then on to Salem Inn, but settled back into Bo’s place, while Vivian moved into the Kiriakis manse, EJ and Stefano bickered about who is moving out of the DiMera mansion, and Nicole moved into Salem Jail.

Brady Saga:
Hope and Ciara went Christmas shopping and Bo took home a tree to decorate. Do you think Bope will be back together by the holidays? It seems to me that Hope’s pushing Bo into Carly’s arms by acting with such a lack of understanding about this secret of Carly’s. It’s not Bo’s secret to tell and she should respect that. Of course, Bo is pushing Hope right into Justin’s arms by choosing Carly over Hope – over his family. Inviting Carly to live with him – twice – isn’t exactly helping his marital issues. Justin and Carly’s bickering at Java showed us that there’s a possibility of a partner switch at least for a while. I’m still not buying Bo and Hope’s reason for separating. Something more should have happened for me to find this break-up believable. Hope’s a fighter, but she’s acting more like a shrew these days.

Reunited friends or lovers?
Carly met with her old pal Daniel on Friday’s episode, making the gossip start. Could Daniel be the baby daddy to Carly’s daughter, Melanie? In an interview, Crystal Chappell (Carly) mentioned Carly was at a medical convention and met somebody she had an affair with that produced her daughter. Lawrence learned of this and gave the kid away. To Trent, we presume.

Such impertinence!
Melanie overreacted to Carly moving in to Maggie’s place, as did Mia, but they’re supposed to be 15 and 18, so I can understand the immaturity. Still, Carly merely bumped into Mel by accident. That’s no reason at all for Melanie to hold a grudge! Mia has had nothing but unending support from Carly since they met and is always blubbering about “poor me,” so instead of taking that support, she ditches her? Are the writers grasping at straws? Not to mention that busybody Maggie, who doesn’t mind telling people how she feels, didn’t have a talk with the girls to remind them who owns the house and who makes the decisions around there. At least she apologized to Carly, but why on earth would Carly even want to move in to Maggie’s place, knowing she’d be putting her daughter at risk? At least Hope refuses to move back in, knowing she could put Ciara at risk. This alone makes Carly less likeable.

Kate despises Vivian. According to Kate, Vivi’s nothing but a gestation device. I think Vivi’s underused at the moment and that the storyline with her and Victor needs to be on top instead of the baby napping, in order to give fans a break from the monotony of “Baby, baby, where’s the baby?”

The gestation device and her ‘son’:
Philip’s sulking over Vivi’s return. His vulnerability is showing, perhaps to make him vulnerable to Melanie. I believe he cares for Melanie but am not sure if he loves her. He does thrive on competition and he now has it with Nathan, which doesn’t bode well for Mel, not to mention that Philly just came out of a long term relationship with Stephanie. Though he and Steph weren’t a match, I believe he loved her and should take things slowly with women right now! What a joy that Vivi moved in with Victor. Scheming is easier when you share the same manse. I quite enjoyed Victor’s sunglass clad scenes Friday when he sported a black eye and cut over his eyebrow, due to a mishap ice skating with Ciara. See, if he were in Toronto, he could have simply called it skating and we’d get it. It’s cold. A bit snowy and there is no other type of skating going on right now!

Emmy worthy:
Arianne Zuker deserves an Emmy for her work on the show this past year. Even as she was kidnapping Sydney, she had me feeling for her. Don’t get me wrong, I am not condoning any of the lies or the kidnapping. I just understand why she did it. It was a surprise that she apologized to Sami, because she maintains that everything she did was for EJ. We know better. She should be apologizing to EJ for deceiving him and kidnapping his child. I would advise EJ not to hold his breath for that. She’s a long way from redemption in Salem.