Sal Stowers and James Reynolds. Days of Our Lives
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The NBC soap’s co-stars have a deep bond on-screen and off.

Lani’s and Abe’s hearts were broken when they learned they aren’t biologically related on Days of Our Lives. However, in touching scenes from last week, they vowed to remain family no matter what. Now, in an interview on the DOOL App, Lani’s portrayer, Sal Stowers, revealed she was just as devasted as her character to learn of the twist.

Stowers was joined by James Reynolds (Abe) on the app to answer a couple of questions about the tight bond they share on and off-screen. While Stowers recalled their first ever scenes being at the Salem PD, she couldn’t remember her and Reynolds’ first meeting. “But we love each other,” she said. “That’s all you need to know.”

Lani holds a bouquet of flowers and lovingly looks at Abe in the church on Days of Our Lives

The co-stars apparently love each other so much, that learning their characters aren’t blood-related seemed to affect Stowers just as much as it did her character.

When asked how they felt upon learning Abe wasn’t Lani’s biological father, Reynolds let Stowers take the lead on answering because, “Her reaction was one I appreciated very, very much.”

“I was not happy,” Stowers said matter of factly to her Days co-star. “Honestly, I was kinda pissed off. I was not happy to find out that you weren’t Lani’s real father. I have such an emotional connection to you… [she choked up] and it just made me really sad.”

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Abe, Lani walk Days

Reynolds rubbed Stowers back, as she continued, “And I just felt like Abe is just a big part of Lani and why she’s here in Salem. I mean, her whole adulthood and like everything she has accomplished and grown into is, a lot of it is because of Abe. And I think, me, Sal, my ego was just like… ‘No! He is my dad and I was brought here for you.’”

As for Reynolds, he admitted his reaction wasn’t quite as visceral because he’s been through so many stories over the years. However, he pointed out, “It’s not over yet. For one thing, the relationship is going to be as strong or stronger than it is at the moment.”

Noting that family is a huge part of Days of Our Lives, he admitted, “My big concern as the paterfamilias of the Carver family, is that the family is down one person and how does that play out in the future?”

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Abe and Val hold their grandchildren on Days of Our Lives JJ

No matter what happens next, Stowers knows their job is to bring stories to life, and Lani and Abe’s story is one that does happen in reality. So, she had to look at as, “Tell the story, it’s a beautiful story and it’s gonna touch your hearts.”

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