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On December 7, 2009, two soap superstars welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Isabella Reese.

It’s a soapy mix of family fun when it comes to co-parenting for Days of Our Lives stars Arianne Zucker (Nicole) and Kyle Lowder (Rex). Today marks their daughter Isabella Reese Lowder’s 12th birthday and over the years we’ve enjoyed watching her grow up via various photos that the proud parents have shared on social media.

Join us as we send Isabella some birthday love by looking back on memorable moments pictured with her mom and dad, as well as another familiar face to the daytime world.

First — and Second — Halloween

In a cute Throwback Thursday post, Lowder shared photos from Isabella’s first and second Halloween. Pumpkins, candy and trick-or-treating, oh my!

Easter With Goats

One way to say Happy Easter is by posing for a cute mash-up pic with her mom and… goats!

Easter With Dad

A few years later it was simply Easter with her dad.

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Score for Isabella

When she was only three years old, Isabella knew how to bowl like a champ! In fact, Lowder flashed back by posting a video to when he “got straight hustled by my three year old in Vegas.”

Preschool Projects

Look at the special plate Isabella made back in preschool to let her daddy know just how thankful she is for him.

Worms and Fries

Taking silliness to a whole new level, here’s Isabella holding one and enjoying the other. “Worms and fries!” Zucker stated. “That’s my girl!”


Zucker shared a side-by-side photo of her and “the munchkin when I was her age.” With both 7 years old at the time, she asked, “Are kids growing up faster?” then exclaimed, “Oy!”

Winter Magic

We’ve all done this a time or two (or three, or four, or five, or — you get it) over the years and Zucker’s “little snow angel” appeared to be having a blast creating her own winter magic in the 2017 video.

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Horsing Around

Though National I Love Horses Day (yes, there’s a day for that too) is in July, Zucker and her daughter spent some time with this white beauty during an April outing a few years ago.

Sunday FunDay With Dad

Isabella and her dad had some fun on the beach, to which Lowder gushed, “My lil’ beach bum.”

All Dolled Up

Talk about a sweet pair! Isabella and her dad were all dressed up for this particular shot, where he revealed that she isn’t only his little girl but his “number [one].”

Autumn and Sunsets

With the sun setting in the background, Lowder and his “munchkin” stared off into the distance.

First Lowder Family Canoe Trip

Three years ago, Isabella joined her dad for their “first Lowder Family canoe trip!” The photos prove they are quite the team!

First Day Back to School

We’ve seen his character shed a few tears in soapland and in the real-world, on the day Isabella started third grade, Lowder admitted, “I cry every year.”

It’s All Business

In 2018 her proud mama announced, “This cute little thing is starting her slime business. I have no idea where she gets it from!” All we can say is… talent runs in the family!

Car Rides-ish With Izzy and Mom

Watch as Isabella and her mom shared some laughs during their ride home from the mall. There were some bumps along the way but we promise, they were ones that’ll make you laugh.

Happy Birthday, Dad

Isabella, along with her mom and Zucker’s fiancé Days of Our Lives alum Shawn Christian (ex-Daniel), sent Lowder a big birthday shoutout from “this crazy group to you!”

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A Day of Pampering

And for Isabella’s ninth birthday, her dad took her out for “a surprise after school pampering session.”

Merry Christmas, Soap Fans

In 2019, Izzy and Lowder sent his followers, the soap fans, a very “Merry Christmas” video message.

It’s A Family Affair

What a fun celebration this must have been! Isabella, her mom and Christian joined Lowder to celebrate his 40th birthday. One thing he wanted to make clear was that “Izzy is drinking lemonade.”

Middle School

This year Isabella started middle school, to which her dad confessed, “This is getting harder every year.”

11th Birthday With Mom

Last year, Zucker posted a series of fun photos with her and Isabella wearing mustaches and shared a special birthday message to her “hilariously funny, talented, courageous, giving, loving, trustworthy, adventurous daughter!”

Happy 12th

This year, we hope Isabella has a wonderful day with everyone she loves because by the looks of all of these photos, she is loved dearly! And like her dad said, “It’s all happening way too fast. Like, way too fast.”

Having seen the great pics of Isabella with her mom and dad, we now want to flip the switch and show our readers some of the daytime stars with their real-life moms here, as well as with their real-life dads in our photo gallery below.