Days of Our Lives Christmas movie collage of Sonny laying his head on Will's shoulder, John in an ugly Christmas sweater, and Pualina with a light purple swirl in her black hair.
Credit: Peacock

Is the NBC soap opera taking a cue from Hallmark?

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The premiere of the Days of Our Lives: A Very Salem Christmas movie is just under a month away. But all we really know so far is that it premieres on the Peacock streaming service on December 16, and that it centers around a screenplay Will is writing, with a Christmas Eve deadline. However, a few photos — that feel very Hallmark movie-esque — have been released to offer a few more clues.

More WilSon

Will works on his laptop from his couch. Sonny sits beside him and lays his head on his shoulder.

For starters. Not only is Will in the holiday movie, but Sonny, is too. After winning over fans as nuSonny in Beyond Salem, Zach Tinker is back for more. And, as evidenced by this photo, the sweet chemistry they displayed in the limited series remains. But is Sonny supporting his hard-working husband, or is he trying to lure him away for a little Christmas cheer — if you know what we mean?

A Room at the Inn?

John in a black Christmas sweater. He stands at a desk answering a phone with a staircase and Christmas tree behind him.

We don’t know exactly what Will’s story is about, but we’re getting major, “How can I help you?” vibes from this photo. Could John be taking reservations at the Salem Inn, where a returning Salemite, who is home for the holidays, has a meet-cute with an old flame? All we can say for sure is, that sweater is very un-John Black-like. Plus, we’re already missing the stubble he’s sprouted while in MarDevil’s captivity. At least it looks like he has access to a bathroom.

Is Christmas Ruined?

Sami looks at her phone while standing in Brady's Pub in front of a Christmas tree. She wears a green Christmas sweater with the Brady's Pub logo on it.

Not to be outdone in the ugly sweater department, Sami sports her own, while repping the family Pub. And we’re not gonna lie, we kinda want one. However, the only revealing thing about this photo is that Sami appears to get very urgent, dramatic, or disappointing news. Could the town Christmas pageant be in danger of cancellation?!

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Cause For More Concern

Inside Brady's Pub, Kristen side-eyes Johnny and Allie

Elsewhere at the Pub, Eileen Davidson’s Kristen (at least we assume she’s playing Kristen) side-eyes Allie and Johnny. She’s dressed pretty tame for the seductress who has graced our screens recently, so it seems like the devil might not be involved. However, we’re still a little worried about Sami’s twins. With a presumed Kristen in such close proximity, they might want to keep an eye on their eggnog.

Every Story Needs a Villain

Paulina stands in front of Christmas decorations in the Horton Square. She wears a soft, bright red coat. A light purple streak swoops along her face in her jet black hair.

If Kristen’s not the villain of Will’s movie, then surely Paulina is, right? That Cruella de Vil-esque hair swirl kind of gives her away. Thankfully, there aren’t any dogs with fur of her coat’s color — that we can think of anyway. But based on her past, we’re thinking Will’s movie could cast her as an evil developer who plans to tear down the town square — right before the big Christmas celebration!

A Happy Ending

John, Marlena, and Sami, in a sparkly black dress, clap and smile in the Horton Square

Just like with any good Hallmark holiday movie, we have a feeling everything will turn out okay. And based on the above smiles, it might just be the Brady/Black/Evans family who saves the holiday. We can already hear the Christmas carols they’ll presumably sing as they light up the Horton Square tree. But, Sami might want to grab a coat. It’s cold in the Midwest this time of year.

While we wait for Days of Our Lives: A Very Salem Christmas to premiere, look through our photo gallery below for the perfect gift for the Days fans in your life. Then, tell us what you think is happening in these photos in the comments.