Doug accuses Marlena of being the devil
Credit: NBC screenshot

The holidays are about to bring out some intense family drama to Salem.

In the Days of Our Lives weekly preview for November 22- 26, it’s going to be a Thanksgiving to remember. Read about the details and watch the latest preview.

As the devil, currently played by Eileen Davidson, continues to hold John hostage, Marlena has been desperate to try and save them. Sami, who has finally resurfaced after mysteriously being abducted, was able to contact her mother over the phone, but Marlena is probably the last person she should have called! Hey, she doesn’t know the devil is back.

In the latest promo, the devil, looking like a different variation of Kristen, continues to try and get John to break his vows to his beloved Doc and make love to her. It appears John finally cracks and gives in, or is he simply playing her? And as families gather for Thanksgiving, Doug finally comes home, and at dinner accuses Marlena of being the devil!

Meanwhile, Chanel turned to Jonny for comfort after the disaster that was Paulina and Abe’s wedding, and the two finally made love. Chanel admitted to him that it was Marlena who told her the truth about Paulina being Lani’s mother, and during the wedding, she felt as if Marlena’s gaze was pushing her to reveal that truth. After trying to explain herself to Abe and Lani, Paulina has it out with her other daughter and tells Chanel she’s no longer her mother!

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Video: Days of Our Lives/YouTube