Chloe Mashup
Credit: Jill Johnson (2), Paul Skipper, Aaron Montgomery, Howard Wise/JPI

Ever since she first appeared on our screens on November 24, 1999, we’ve been clamoring for more. 

When Nadia Bjorlin brought 15-year-old Chloe Lane to Salem, who could have known the black-clad social outcast would turn into the opera-singing diva that she is today? Especially given the hard-luck life she started out with.

Chloe spent her first decade and a half in an orphanage before Nancy Wesley grabbed her and admitted that she’d given birth to her as a teen. By then, Chloe was a defensive, condescending adolescent who had a serious aversion to color. And let us assure you, that did not endear her to her fellow students. But it didn’t take long for this caterpillar to emerge from her cocoon, and once Chloe went full butterfly, she never looked back.

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Over the years, Bjorlin has pretty much done it all with Chloe, even incorporating her own incredible talents into her alter ego’s opera singing. She weaves in and out of Salem effortlessly, coming back every time, it seems, to let a different aspect of Chloe shine. Bjorlin’s played her beloved character as everything from a prostitute to a protective mom, but at her core, Chloe’s always been a survivor.

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Above: Chloe’s even survived the world’s worst wig.

Credit: Jesse Grant/JPI

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From the moment she appeared on our screens, she’s fought through abandonment, bullying, cancer, mental-health issues and serial killers. And somehow, none of it ever seems to get old, no matter how many times Chloe’s been back and forth over the past two decades. She’s tried Chicago, New York and even Kansas City, but no matter where she goes, something always draws her back.

Maybe it’s the availability of wealthy young men always ready to fight over her. Maybe it’s the excitement of the catfights, the kidnappings and the near-death experiences. Heck, maybe it’s even the thrill of waking up never knowing if you’re going to be running Salem’s hottest restaurant or taking down a Mexican drug cartel. Either way, we know that whenever Chloe puts Salem in her rearview mirror, it’s only a matter of time before she comes cruising back.

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As Bjorlin told back in 2013, returning to Days of Our Lives always “feels great. It is like going home again. It never feels like this big passage of time has gone by because when I walk back in, it is like, ‘Oh, hi guys.’”

And we, in turn, are always happy to say “hi” right back. So on this special day, take a look at the brand-new photo gallery we’ve pulled together of Chloe’s wild life in Salem, then let us know all your favorite moments.