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The biggest question of all: Will this week’s biggest twist make sense? 

As longtime soap viewers, it ain’t easy to make our jaws drop. But that’s exactly what happened when Days of Our Lives ended the November 12th episode with one heck of a cliffhanger: After the devil jumped from Marlena’s body and into that of Susan (who only moments before had been a cat… you had to be there), SuDevil then transformed herself into Kristen… as played by Eileen Davidson!

You might recall that Davidson recently stepped back into Kristen’s shoes (not to mention her iconic red dress) during the Peacock limited series Beyond Salem. At the time, the actress explained that as she saw it, she and the part’s current portrayer, Stacy Haiduk, were sort of time-sharing the part, with Beyond Salem operating in its own little universe. But now those worlds are about to collide as both actresses will be appearing on screen at the same time… in the same role!

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As Jamey Giddens, who recently joined the Days writing staff revealed, Monday’s episode will be his first… and will focus on the resolution to Friday’s shocker.

This was a relief to many fans who’ve come to love Haiduk in the part and feared that perhaps Friday’s ending was an indication that Davidson had reclaimed the part permanently. Instead, however, it appears that both women will be appearing at the same time. So while Haiduk’s Kristen is on one side of town dropping a bombshell on Gwen, Davidson’s Kristen — or should we say Susan, or perhaps SuDevil — will be doing everything in her considerable powers to seduce John in order to corrupt his love for Marlena!

Longtime viewers will remember that when first Kristen was introduced, she was immediately drawn to John… despite him being the sworn enemy of her father, Stefano. Heck, at one point no less than Alice Horton attempted to play matchmaker for the two! And during Marlena’s first possession, the devil tried this same basic seduction technique.

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Above: This isn’t exactly Kristen’s first time at attempting to seduce John!

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What remains to be seen is exactly how the show will explain having two Kristen’s with very different looks on the canvas at the same time. And while we haven’t a clue exactly how they’ll pull it off, we can’t wait to find out. If you’ve got theories as to how it might be done, share them in the comments section below. Then check out the gallery below in which we look at the complicated history of the DiMera family.