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Thankfully, he’s already recovered.

Talk about your bad news/good news scenarios. On November 6, Brandon Barash posted to Instagram a message in which he disclosed that he had contracted COVID-19… and — whew — had managed to lick it.

Paying homage to the legendary Dos Equis ads, the Days of Our Lives leading man wrote that “I don’t always have COVID-19, but when I beat it, I drink Springbank 18.”

With that, he sent a strongly worded, four-letter message to the coronavirus and a much more thoughtful one to the fans who have followed him from General Hospital (where he played Johnny) to Days of Our Lives (where he’s gone from playing Stefan to his surprise twin brother, Jake): “Stay healthy, my friends.”

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Among the first to respond was Robert Scott Wilson (Ben), who exclaimed, “He’s back! See you tonight, my guy!”

“Cheers,” said Eric Martsolf (Brady), “to your health.” Martha Madison (Belle) added that she was “so glad to hear you’re feeling better.”

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But perhaps our favorite comment came from Richard Marx — yes, the Richard Marx, the singer who rose to fame in the ’80s with hits like “Hold On to the Nights” and “Right Here Waiting.” It sucked to the nth that Barash had had to do battle with COVID, but his “hair is good, though, bro,” Marx observed.

Indeed it is. On your way to the comments to send the actor your well wishes, stop off at the below photo gallery, in which we celebrate the 40th (!) anniversary of one of his Days of Our Lives castmates, Thaao Penghlis (Tony) with a scrapbook full of memories.