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Xander’s portrayer goes “extra Scottish” to savor a drink from a friend.

Salem’s resident bad boy Xander may have trouble making friends other than Jack, but in real life portrayer Paul Telfer has them in abundance — like fellow Scotsman Sam Heughan, who plays Outlander’s kilted leading man, Jamie. Take note, Xander: It always pays to play nice.

Telfer popped up (quite literally) on social media to unbox a gift that he got after congratulating Heughan on his new line of Scottish whiskey, Sassenach Spirit. (Sassenach is a term of endearment that Jamie uses for his time-traveling love, Claire, on Outlander ­— though it’s usually just Scottish Gaelic for someone who’s English.)

The actor tweeted a video of the event, from cutting the box open with a flick of the knife, to savoring the first sip. “My lovely friend, Sam Heughan, generously sent me a bottle of his delicious whisky,” Telfer wrote, “so I had to commemorate it from behind my bar!”

The actor showed off the box’s unicorn, “the sacred animal of Scotland,” then got to the good stuff: reading the box’s label in his “extra Scottish” accent.

Shirtless Xander in a kilt on Days of Our Lives

Above: A few belts of whiskey and Xander will happily show you what a Scotsman wears beneath his kilt.

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“The Sassenach,” Telfer began, “for the non-conformist, the outsider and anyone who just doesn’t want to fit in.” Then he took us on a journey, whisking us off to the world of Outlander, as he read that the whiskey was “inspired by the highland landscape, ancient peaks, hidden glens and rising morning mist.”

Who knew we could swoon over Telfer even more than we already do? Honestly, the man could lay on that heavy Scottish accent and read the telephone book and we’d be hooked. Pair it with that wonderfully dramatic whiskey blurb and we were done.

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Above: Sexy, Scottish… and he comes with his own whiskey. No wonder Claire fell so hard for Jamie!

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At the end, he raised his glass with a “Slàinte Mhath” (pronounced, as you heard, Slanj-a-va. And that concludes our Gaelic lessons for the day), a traditional Scottish toast, meaning “Good health.”

“Well, it’s light, strong and boozy,” he concluded with a mischievous smile. “Just like Sam! Cheers, mate.”

What do you think? Is it time for Heughan to stop by Salem and pay a visit to his Scottish pal? Or maybe Telfer needs to travel back to 18th century Scotland and give Jamie a run for his money with Claire.

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