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What’s love got to do with it? When it comes to daytime, everything! 

Ever since sands began flowing through that iconic hourglass, the residents of Salem have found themselves looking for love… often in all the wrong places. When not being tormented by a literal she-devil or plotting to take over one another’s companies, the town’s first families have focused on matters of the heart. But how successful have their romantic endeavors been of late? That, gentle reader, is what we are here to discuss today.

Join us, won’t you, as we examine the current state of several unions in an effort to figure out whether or not they’ll still be together by the time next Valentine’s Day rolls around… or heck, even this Thanksgiving!

Philip and Chloe

Days chloe philip kiss JJ

These two seem to be the only ones who don’t realize just how done they already are. But listen, if you have to spend have your time explaining to that the person your dating is ridiculously jealous and hasn’t really changed at all since high school, then it’s time to move on. Perhaps it would help Chloe to move on if she realized that Brady — one of the most unlucky-in-love men in daytime — isn’t her only option!

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Xander and Gwen

Xander and Gwen struggle over an envelope on Days of Our Lives

Portrayers Emily O’Brien have killer chemistry. Unfortunately, their individual pasts prevent the audience from investing in their future. Gwen was introduced as as a human wrecking ball, messed with one of the most popular couples on the show (whom we’ll talk about next) and hasn’t really done much to redeem herself since. And Xander fans are still hopeful that his true love, Sarah, will soon return to the canvas. With few out there cheering on this couple, it’s tough to imagine them making it in the long run.

Chad and Abigail

Abigial annoyed with at Chad on Days of Our Lives

At long last, these two seem to be back on the right track. For a hot minute, it looked as if EJ might come between them (again) thanks to Johnny’s movie, but he seems otherwise occupied at the moment. What “Chabby” really need now is to figure out how to avoid making the same mistakes they’ve made in the past. If they can remember to communicate with one another and not be sucked into the schemes and manipulations constantly being hatched around them, they should be fine.

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John and Marlena

john and marlena's first wedding august 22, 1986 DAYS

It ain’t every day that a couple has to deal with demonic possession… let alone twice! But the fact that John and Marlena have successfully faced down this particular problem in the past — not to mention all the other would-be interlopers, including the Grim Reaper who’ve tried to split them up — tells us they’ll emerge just fine. It’s said that the only things certain in this life are death and taxes, but we’re pretty sure John and Marlena’s love fills out that triumvirate.

Johnny and Chanel and Allie and Tripp

days johnny tripp allie chanel JJ

Things with this foursome are so complicated it was pretty much required to lump them all together. It’s impossible to really predict where their individual relationships will stand a few weeks or months from now because we’re not entirely convinced that Allie and Chanel are being honest about what — and who — they want. Sadly, we have a bad feeling that the Sweet Bits girls will wind up hitting a few sour notes where their loves lives are concerned. Our real question? If the ladies realize they’re perfect for one another, where does that leave the guys?

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Abe and Paulina

Paulina and Abe Beyond Salem Days

Thanks to the latest spoilers, we know that things are definitely not going to go as planned when this duo walks down the aisle. (Hey, what do you expect when you unintentionally ask the devil to officiate over the nuptials?) We have a sneaking suspicion that the secret Paulina’s worked hard to keep under wraps is about to explode. If that’s the case, it seems safe to say that Abe’s going to have a tough time forgiving his would-be bride for telling a lie which, as far as we can tell, will sever the biological tie he’s long believed he shared with Lani. Something tells us that come Thanksgiving, Paulina might find herself

Eli and Lani

Lani sits on Eli's lap on Days of Our Lives

Their marriage got off to a rough start — hey, having your babies kidnapped will do that! — but they’ve settled into a nice routine for a while now. Some might say that’s a bit boring, but we’re big fans of seeing happy couples. After all, those wedding vows talk about good times and bad, so it’s great seeing both sides of that spectrum. When the truth comes out about Paulina’s lie, it’s going to hit Lani hard. But something tells us it won’t drive a wedge between her and Eli. Rather, he’ll be there to help her through this mess, ultimately making them stronger than ever.

Ben and Ciara

Ciara and Ben in love on Days of Our Lives

Talk about relationships being tested! Ben was kidnapped moments after their wedding, then Ciara was kidnapped and nearly blown to bits. Oh, and don’t forget the time the amnesia-riddled heroine nearly traded hubby Ben for her longtime pal Theo. How do you top all that? By having a baby which appears to have been conceived with a little help by the devil, who has big plans for the unborn tot. Despite having suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Ben and his lady love have taken up arms against a sea of troubles and managed to overcome them all. Like Bo and Hope before them, it seems safe to say that where these two are concerned, they’ll be ride or die until death — real or imagined — do they part.

Now it’s your turn… which Salem couples (whether those on our list or one we didn’t get to) do you think have what it takes to make it last? Which are pretty much doomed? Share your thoughts in the comments section, then check out this list in which we rank the all-time best soap opera supercouples. See which Days of Our Lives pairings made the list, and let us know what you think of where they landed!