Marlena Mardevil at Tom's Grave Days
Credit: NBC screenshot

Get ready for a Deidre Hall-oween!

In the Days of Our Lives weekly preview for November 1 – 5, Marlena and the devil reign terror down on Salem. Read about the details and watch the latest preview.

MarDevil, dressed as the devil himself, laughs as they stand at the grave of the beloved Tom Horton. Something wicked is about to come this way!

As Nicole again asserts to a jealous and suspicious Ava that she and Rafe are just friends, cut to Nicole and Rafe getting hot and heavy on the boardroom table at Basic Black! Have they finally given in to temptation? Are they acting out John and Marlena’s infidelity scene from Johnny’s movie? Or did the devil make them do it?

Meanwhile, Eli informs Tripp and Ava that there’s been a homicide. Who would he be informing them about? Could it be Ava’s cousin Carmine? Or is it someone more shocking, like Steve or Kayla? Though we can’t imagine one of them being killed off, Days of Our Lives is notorious for pulling pranks in their Halloween episode.

And Gabi struggles to dig up a coffin, only to open it and find Jake inside. Is he who Eli was warning Ava and Tripp about? And is he really dead, or is this a message from the Vitalli family?

Read the Days of Our Lives spoilers to learn who gives Kristen bad news. And with Halloween this weekend, check out our gallery of soap stars in scary movies.

Video: Days of Our Lives/YouTube