Abe Carver Tribute Days
Credit: NBC screenshot

Days looks to the past and the future next week.

In the Days of Our Lives weekly preview for October 25 – 29, Salem faces the loss of an important member of the community. Read about the detail and watch the latest preview.

Last week, Mayor Abe Carver stepped in an interveined when things became heated between Jake and Carmine Vitali. Jake had brought Carmine to town to try and prevent Philip from taking Gabi’s company away from her. When things went wrong, Jake pulled a gun on him. During the struggle, Abe was accidentally shot, and Jake was arrested.

Abe’s friends and loved ones rushed to the hospital to be by his side when they heard the news. Abe was taken into surgery, but by the end of the week, flatlined in the OR. Next week, Days of Our Lives honors James Reynolds for his forty years on the daytime soap.

In the promo, Kayla tries her best to save Abe but is forced to declare him gone. As Lani kisses his forehead, Abe apparently enters the light, and takes a trip through time looking back at the defining moments of his life. These include flashbacks of his late wife Lexie, who is returning, but with a twist! Could Lexie’s love from beyond possibly save Abe and encourage him to fight to return to his loved ones on earth?

And in other news, Ciara reveals to Ben that they are having a baby! But given the devil’s plan for it, they may not want to celebrate yet…

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Video: Days of Our Lives/YouTube