Photo collage of James Reynolds as Abe Carver on Days of Our Lives
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Abe has a tough choice to make in the episode celebrating the veteran actor and character.

Forty years ago, Days of Our Lives viewers were introduced to Abe Carver. In honor of the big anniversary, the October 25th episode will pay tribute to Abe, and actor James Reynolds, by highlighting his four decades on the NBC soap opera. It will also reunite Abe with his late wife Lexie, who died in 2012.

As we saw on Friday, Abe was shot by mob enforcer Carmine with Jake’s gun. He then flatlined after getting rushed to the hospital. Monday’s episode will see Kayla work tirelessly to revive her dear friend, but as the promo suggests, her efforts fail.

“He’s gone,” Kayla announces while dressed in scrubs in the emergency room.

abe grabs his chest shot days

While his body remains in the hospital, Abe’s spirit heads to the afterlife where he is bathed in a warm glow of light — and reunited with his late wife. What will follow, per Soap Opera Digest, is Abe choosing between staying with Lexie or returning to live with his loved ones in Salem.

Considering Lexie is a soap opera character who is actually dead, dead, with seemingly no chance of Dr. Rolf reviving her, this is one reunion viewers never thought they’d see. However, it won’t happen with actress Renée Jones, who played Lexie from 1993 – 2012. The actress was, unfortunately, unavailable, so the show had to recast.

Along with praising his co-star in the episode — “The young actress they brought in to be part of this was just wonderful” — Reynolds also previewed to Soap Opera Digest that the hour won’t be just flashbacks of Abe.

Renée Jones and James Reynolds pose in front of a fireplace set with garland strewn over it on Days of Our Lives

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“There are some things I hope I did well and right during the show,” the Daytime Emmy winner said, “but it’s a lovely tribute. I love the premise, I loved the script, and I loved how Ron [Carlivati, Days head writer] tapped into that special relationship that Abe and Lexie had.”

In addition to his love story with Lexie, since 1981, Abe has been a member of the Salem police force, became a father to Theo, succumbed to the Salem Stalker, landed on Melaswen Island, became mayor, and learned he had two adult children he never knew about.

Well, one of those children isn’t biologically his and the truth is going to break his heart. Not just because he isn’t Lani’s bio dad, but because the woman he loves, Paulina, has been keeping that secret from the first day he met her.

Abe and Lani listen to Paulina at her apartment on Days of Our Lives

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But he doesn’t know that yet and Paulina will presumably be at her fiancé’s side urging Abe to come back to her. Considering there’s so much drama to mine when Paulina’s secret does come out, there’s a good chance she’ll get through to him.

What do you think will happen? Tell us what you want for Abe in the comments and then relive 50 years of Days of Our Lives drama in our photo gallery below.

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