Credit: NBC/Courtesy of the Everett Collection, Howard Wise/JPI, John Paschal/JPI

It was double trouble for Marlena and Roman on October 16, 1984: That’s the day they welcomed into the world not just one child but two. (And you don’t need us to tell you which of them would be raising hell forevermore!)

There’s not a soul alive (or dead, for that matter) whose life hadn’t been changed if a child was added to the mix. But when that child is Days of Our Lives’ Sami Brady, the change signifies a whole lot more than just sleepless nights, soccer practices and playdates. Heck, if Marlena or Roman ever got more than a couple of winks after the October 16, 1984, birth of their daughter and her angelic twin brother, Eric, we’d be surprised.

Poor Marlena was already dealing with a lot of stress as her due date drew near. The impending arrival of her and Roman’s kids was bringing to the forefront of her mind tear-stained memories of her and ex-husband Don’s baby, who succumbed to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome not long after he was born. (Watch how the Bradys handle the issue here.)

marlena roman DAYS OF OUR LIVES, from left: Deidre Hall, Wayne Northrop, (1983), 1965- . ph: Gene Trindl/TV Guide/©NBC/Courtesy Everett Collection

Above: Wayne Northrop was playing Roman opposite Deidre Hall back when the twins were born.

Credit: Gene Trindl/TV Guide/NBC/Courtesy of the Everett Collection

Turned out, Sami’s health was a nonissue. However, she and Eric could easily have been used as pawns in the long-running Brady/DiMera feud. So after Marlena’s disappearance, their dad shipped them off to Colorado, where their birth year was changed to 1977 and Sami, apparently, grew into quite the teenage hellion.

As we eagerly await Alison Sweeney’s return to the role — the actress has already confirmed that she’s been taping — celebrate Sami’s birthday with a review of the mischief she’s made over the years in the below photo gallery. Get comfy, though — there’s been a lot of mischief!