MArlena and Ben session about Baby Days
Credit: NBC Screenshot

Romance is in the air as October begins on Salem.

In the Days of Our Lives weekly preview for October 4 -8, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate, but danger lurks around the corner! Read on for the scoop.

Chad and Abigail are celebrating their reunion, while other couples also spice things up. This includes Rafe and Ava, Gabi and Jake, and Eli and Lani. Even EJ and Nicole are getting in on the romance of the fall season and the two go out on a date. As EJ said, she’s his favorite ex-wife.

Elsewhere, Abe already told Steve and Kayla of his plans to propose to Paulina, and this is the week when he finally does We’re guessing she won’t hesitate to say yes, unless that pesky little secret about her being Lani’s mother, and Abe not being the daddy, starts to eat at her!

Not everyone in town is currently lucky in love though. Gwen and Justin are both dealing with their loved ones being behind bars, and are working to free them.

Meanwhile, as Ben continued to struggle with his concerns that he’d pass on his serial killer and all-around bad family genes onto his child, Ciara pushed him to discuss his concerns with Marlena. He decides to do just that, as Marlena has always been supportive of his reformation and overcoming his demons. As Ben worries to Marlena that his child could end up evil, he has no idea he’s talking to the devil herself!

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