Xander has a vision of Sarah in her wedding dress on Days of Our Lives
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Is Sarah’s teased return real, a dream, or a Halloween trick?

Days of Our LivesXander and Gwen made their relationship official this week while plotting together at the Salem PD. The interrogation room isn’t exactly the most romantic setting, but it was kind of perfect for “the town’s pariahs” to come together while reveling in their mutual acceptance, flaws all.

Things could certainly change though. As the fall promo revealed, a panicked Gwen watches as Xander excitedly announces plans to rescue Sarah from a deserted island. But can viewers believe what they’re seeing?

If it’s a straightforward spoiler and Xander does learn about Kristen abducting Sarah, shipping her off, and then impersonating her to break Xander’s heart, viewers could be in for a classic love triangle. It would certainly be music to “Xarah” fans’ ears to have the couple reunite in any capacity, but, this being Days of Our Lives, there could be more to the story.

Like, perhaps, it’s all one bad dream. A dream of a guilt-ridden Gwen who could learn about Sarah’s abduction and keep it a secret from her new boyfriend.

Gwen did tell Xander he is the first man that means anything to her. So, moving heaven and earth to hold on to him isn’t out of the question for the schemer who tried to destroy both her father’s and sister’s marriages because she felt abandoned as a child.

Xander fances Kristen as Sarah with Rex on Days of Our Lives

But how would Gwen discover the truth, you might ask. Perhaps MarDevil plants the seed in Gwen’s mind, just to stir things up for fun. Or, Gwen could overhear a nugget of information as EJ talks to Kristen over the phone, sending her down a rabbit hole to the truth. Then again, Rex is still out there somewhere. Sarah’s ex could return and reveal to Gwen that “Sarah” dumped him before they even left Salem, which could also lead her on a hunt for her rival.

Should Gwen try to keep the truth from Xander, that scene we see play out in the promo could be a guilt-ridden nightmare she has. One that manifests her worst fears of once again being left alone. If that’s the case, it would certainly devastate poor Xander. Not only would he learn the woman he is falling for betrayed him, but that he believed the lie Kristen perpetrated and he let Sarah languish on that island for months.

Kristen helps Sarah into a trunk on Days of Our Lives

A third option is it could be one big fakeout. Halloween is coming up, and you know how Days of Our Lives likes to suspend reality, or at least Salem’s version of reality, with over-the-top, standalone episodes.

What do you think? Could Xander learning about Sarah be part of a very special episode? Will it be one big stress dream of Gwen’s? Or will Xander actually learn the truth about Sarah? Tell us what you think will happen in the comments after looking through the photo gallery of Xander and Sarah’s love story below.