Chad, Abby, Will and Sonny double wedding mashup on Days of Our Lives
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Two couples entered the church, but only one said, “I do.”

Chad and Abigail’s romance has been a long, rocky road with a couple of weddings and romance thrown in along the way. While they are married now, they probably still have a few things to work out, thanks, in part, to Gwen. But at this time 2017, there were no doubts or estrangements or air that needed to be cleared. “Chabby” were deeply in love and got married for the second time, but not before a whole lot of drama went down first.

If you’ll recall, the couple joined dear friends Paul and Sonny for a good old-fashioned double church wedding. But while two couples were to say “I do,” only one would leave the church married.

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After Paul and Sonny made everyone swoon with their vows (“It’s only until very recently I found out who I wanted to be. I want to be the man who spends the rest of his life with you, Sonny Kiriakis.”), Abby began her own to Chad by pointing out that life was surprising. That massive understatement was followed by some foreshadowing. “I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow,” she said. “I don’t know what’s going to happen in the next ten minutes, ten seconds…”

Abigail and Chad light a candle at their wedding on Days of Our Lives

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Not even ten seconds later, Ben revealed himself at the end of the aisle, leading the wedding attendees to express a collective gasp. While the Ben of today would never, the Ben of 2017 said, “I feel a bit underdressed. I should have worn a tie.”

Though she immediately faltered upon seeing her former tormenter, a.k.a. the Necktie Killer, who had been in Bayview for his crimes, Abigail regained her composure. She stomped down the aisle to confront the man she had been haunted by and socked him square in the face.

But Ben wasn’t there just for Abigail to get some closure over the man she’d been hallucinating the past few months. Nope. His reappearance led to the revelation that his victim Will was alive, causing Sonny and Paul to abandon their nuptials in search of answers. However, Chad and Abigail stayed behind and said their vows in front of a small audience of Jennifer, Andre and Thomas.

Abigail punches Ben at her church wedding on Days of Our Lives

From there, Ben went back into custody while the search for Will led to the end of Sonny and Paul’s relationship. Ben would embark on a journey of redemption while Chad and Abby continued to face relationship-threatening obstacles, which included, well… see for yourself in our photo gallery below of Chad and Abby’s greatest hits. Then, tell us what you want to see happen for the couple in the comments.

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