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Is the former Necktie Killer about to become the demon’s unwitting accomplice? 

Over the past few weeks, Days of Our Lives’ Ben has been feeling uneasy about the prospect of starting a family with true love Ciara. Although more devoted to his beautiful wife than ever, he’s nowhere near as anxious to be a father as she is to be a mom. Now, thanks to the frank conversations the pair had on their honeymoon, we know the real reason for Ben’s reluctance: The former Necktie Killer fears that whatever madness lurks within his genes might be passed on to an innocent child!

Of course, that’s exactly the type of thing that he’s working through during his therapy sessions. You know, the ones he’s been having with Dr. Marlena Evans… who just happens to currently be housing the devil himself!

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Above: “What if I’m more than just devilishly handsome, Ciara?”

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While at first it seemed as if Ben and Ciara had no real connection to the currently unfolding possession storyline, it’s looking more and more as if those two disparate tales are on a collision course. Because as Ben and Ciara try and work through their feelings regarding bringing a baby into the world, he’ll be continuing his sessions with Marlena. They say that the Lord works in mysterious ways, but Satan… Well, from what we’ve seen, he’s big on flat-out manipulation, especially of those who are in crisis.

The last time Satan jumped into Marlena’s body, he was able to do so because she was in emotional turmoil thanks to numerous events unfolding in her life, not the least of which were Stefano’s efforts to make her his Queen of the Night. This time around, because Marlena is in a good place — both in her personal and professional life — Satan had to play dirty in order to reclaim his favorite vessel.

Enter Doug, whose advanced age seems to have made him an easy target. Better still, Marlena’s love for her longtime friend turned Doug into exactly the leverage Satan needed in order to strike a deal. Quicker than you could say “body swap,” the shrink had reluctantly agreed to provide housing for the devil in exchange for Doug’s life. But now that the ultimate baddie is all settled in, what exactly does he have in mind?

Demon Doug's eyes glow yellow

Above: Satan should really work with Dr. Rolf to perfect the whole “in disguise” thing. This never happened with Rolf’s masks.

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“This time,” the devil declares in the latest promo, “I have an even grander agenda.” And while it seems keeping Doug from spilling the beans about his return is a high priority, it’s a safe bet that stirring up trouble and striking fear in the hearts of Salem’s residents is right up there. And who better to use to that end than Ben?

Already, both Salemites and viewers are torn when it comes to Ben’s redemption. While most tend to believe that the combined curative powers of love and therapy have allowed the hunk to turn over a new leaf, there are still many who eye Ben warily. Should someone turn up dead, perhaps with a necktie lying nearby, it wouldn’t be long before accusatory whispers followed in Ben’s wake.

Marlena at Ben's side on Days of Our Lives

Above: “Ben, do you have any idea how time-consuming babies are? When would you hit the gym?”

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It’s also easy to imagine Satan using Marlena to cause trouble between Ciara and her husband by “confirming” Ben’s worst fears. “Of course you shouldn’t have a baby,” Dr. Evans might say, reminding Ben that his own violent tendencies might well have been passed down from Clyde. And why would the devil set out to destroy the young couple’s marriage? So as to avoid history repeating itself with Ciara’s love saving Ben in much the same way John’s rescued Marlena.

What do you think, Days of Our Lives fans… might Ben and Ciara be dragged through hell as part of the devil’s latest scheme? Share your theories in the comments section, then join us in flipping through Victoria Konefal’s backstage diary in which she shares her thoughts on everything from Ciara’s life before Ben to the couple’s explosive — pun intended — wedding day.