Marlena is possessed Days
Credit: NBC screenshot

Satan plans to wreak havoc in Salem.

In the latest Days of Our Lives preview for September 27 – October 1, the devil is back and made Marlena do it! Read on for the scoop.

As Johnny revealed to Chanel that he’s decided to focus his entire movie on his grandmother’s possession, Allie decides to it’s probably time to tell Tripp about how her Marlena was once possessed by Satan. He reacts about the same way Paulina recently did.

Upon learning that Doug was awake and could potentially rat her, er, him out, the devil in Marlena decided she needed to deal with the tattletale. She hightailed it to the hospital to make sure Doug doesn’t reveal the truth.

As John joins Julie in the hospital chapel to pray for Doug, Marlena spies on them and reveals to the audience that this time Satan has an even grander agenda for Salem. Last time Marlena set fires, ran around naked, threw people off her penthouse balcony, and tried to kill a priest. So what is the devil going to do this time?

And as the devil sets out to kill Doug, the crooner attempts to warn John that Marlena is out to get him. How long will it take everyone to realize that Satan is back and fully in control of Marlena once more?

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Video: Days of Our Lives/YouTube