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Sarah’s potential return could lead to other missing Salemites resurfacing.

The Days of Our Lives fall preview is jam-packed full of goodies. There’s romance, secrets and, of course, Marlena’s possession. But if you stopped watching there, you missed another juicy nugget slipped in just at the end.

Those who did watch the promo all the way through were rewarded with an amped-up Xander rushing around his hotel room. “Sarah is trapped on some remote island,” he tells Gwen. “I’m going to rescue her!”

From the look on Gwen’s face, that’s about the last thing she wants to hear, especially since it appears Xander is leaving their bed to go find the love of his life. While Gwen might not want to hear Xander’s plans, it’s exactly what “Xarah” fans have been longing for ever since Sarah broke her poor fiancé’s heart.

Of course, Sarah didn’t leave him by choice. That was all Kristen’s doing, as she drugged the doctor and shipped her off to that remote island Xander refers to in the promo. While there’s no official word, the preview does suggest Sarah could be on her away home. Unless, of course, it’s all one big tease. Assuming it’s not, and considering all the recent reminiscing about alt-reality Salem, it might also mean she’s on Melaswen Island — even if it supposedly blew up.

If Sarah is indeed alive, might she bring a couple of other Salemites back with her — like Kristen for instance?

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Kristen was behind Sarah’s departure after all. So it would make sense that if Sarah were to return, Kristen wouldn’t be far behind. And the timing would be perfect considering she played a big role in Marlena’s possession storyline the first time around. Why not have her back for round two?

Fans got a glimpse of the fugitive in Beyond Salem when Eileen Davidson stepped back into Kristen’s well-styled shoes. So, it’s anyone’s guess if Davidson or Stacy Haiduk (who has taken over from Davidson as Brady’s unhinged love interest on the mothership) would be returning for more of her shenanigans. But no matter who might reprise the role, it all gives way to yet another potential return — that of Stefano DiMera, who could also be languishing on that island with Sarah.

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Despite Chad and Tony declaring they destroyed Rolf’s microchip containing their father’s essence — as we so often say — this is Days of Our Lives, anything goes. Perhaps, their sister is forcing Sarah to tend to a resurrected Stefano whose essence Kristen could have preserved and implanted into a new body. That would help explain why he wouldn’t look like the Stefano we all know and love, played by the late, great Joseph Mascolo.

With Stefano also a huge part of Marlena’s possession story, his lurking presence would feel fitting. And heck, why not throw Sami in there for good measure?

We do know Sami’s coming back soon, so maybe Kristen was the one who grabbed her. Taking it one step further, she might have even transported her to that island, as well. That way, Sarah would have had some company for at least part of her confinement.

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What do you think? Is Sarah finally on her way back to Salem, leading to a few other returns? Or is the clip of Xander learning about Sarah’s abduction one big misdirection? Tell us what you think in the comments below after looking through our photo gallery of Xander and Sarah’s love story. And if you haven’t yet, get your free daily soap-opera fix for Days of Our Lives — and all of the other daytime dramas — delivered straight to your email inbox by signing up for’s newsletter.