Marlena and the Devil on Days
Credit: NBC screenshot

Salem is about to battle Satan for a second time!

Hold onto your hats Days of Our Lives fans as the show has provided a teaser video of what’s to come this fall, with the biggest story kicking off this week with the return of the devil himself! Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

There looks to be plenty of romance this fall, including the reunion of Chad and Abigail, who’ve been estranged for months. Roman is also hoping to reignite sparks with his former flame Kate and promises to woo her like she’s never been wooed before.

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Johnny, who is likely going to be busy making a movie all about his mother Sami, takes some time to serenade Chanel. Meanwhile Chanel’s mother Paulina is about to take a trip down the aisle with Abe. Chanel finds herself hurt that Paulina asked Lani to be her maid of honor. Of course, she has no idea that Lani is her sister, a secret bound to rock Lani and Abe’s world and potentially derail the wedding should the truth come out.

Elsewhere, Philip seems determined to put a ring on Chloe’s finger. Unfortunately, it seems he still has to deal with Brady, who won’t seem to give up on Chloe. By this video, and Philip’s response, we’re guessing Brady attempted another one of his schemes to get closer to Chloe.

As Brady and Philip duke it out, Nicole appears to have herself two suitors. She gets hot and heavy with Rafe in the boardroom of Basic Black. What will Ava have to say about this? Or could it simply be a recreated bit of John and Marlena’s history for Johnny’s movie? And as EJ and Lucas continue to be at each other’s throats, EJ makes moves on Nicole, reigniting their past passion.

Philip drops a bomb on Gabi about her boyfriend’s past and his job working for the Vitalli family back in Philadelphia. It also appears his past has come back to haunt him given he’s packing heat.

Home from their honeymoon, it seems Ben is a little more open-minded about Ciara’s desire for a baby, and they, erm, get to work on that.

Finally, she’s back! At the end of Friday’s episode, the audience learned Doug had been possessed by the Devil, whose real target is Marlena. It looks like Marlena, aka the MarDevil, will be terrorizing Salem once again and just in time for Halloween!

Marlena levitates Days NBC

Also be sure to stick around to the very end of the promo, as Xander reveals Sarah’s whereabouts. Could it be, Melaswen?

Let us know in the comments what has you most excited about this promo.

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