Ben doesn't want to rush into a baby Days
Credit: NBC screenshot

There’s trouble brewing for more than one Salem couple.

In the Days of Our Lives weekly preview for September 6 – 10,  Julie is horrified by her husband’s actions. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

At the opening of the grand opening of Sweet Bits, something is amiss with Doug, as Julie later cries to Jack that her own husband locked her in the freezer! While Julie has made her fair share of enemies over the years, Doug’s never been one of them.

While on their camping adventure, Ciara teased Ben with the prospect of going off her birth control and seeing what happened naturally. However Ben questions her rush to have a baby, which could result in Ciara giving him the cold shoulder and make for an uncomfortable honeymoon.

As they prepare to take off for Miami, Abe wonders what is going on in Paulina’s head. That’s a scary thing to ponder! Is she thinking about marriage? Or something else?

And as their wedding day arrives, poor Bonnie continues to deal with her former sister-in-law. She finds herself staring down the barrel of Calista’s gun, but what happens next could prevent the wedding from happening at all!

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