Days of Our Lives mashup of Abigail, Gwen, Chad and EJ
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Will Abby come home to reunite with Chad… or end their marriage for good?

The longer Days of Our Lives’ Abigail has remained in Boston, the more concerned Chad’s become about the state of their union. We can’t blame him considering she’s been giving him the cold shoulder during her months-long trip. But really, what did he expect after sleeping with and impregnating her half-sister? All may not be lost though, as spoilers reveal that after EJ encourages Chad to fight for his marriage, Abigail makes a surprising request of her husband. Could whatever she asks of Chad be a condition of her potential return to Salem?

If so, we’re inclined to think Chad would give his wife whatever she wants as long as she comes home and gives their marriage a fighting chance. Of course, whether she and Chad find their way back to one another or not, there’s plenty of drama waiting to be unpacked once Abigail resurfaces in Salem!

Abigail lunges at Gwen on Days of Our Lives

For starters, there’s that very big, very nasty secret that Gwen’s been sitting on for ages now. You know, the one about her claiming to have had a miscarriage after she fell down a flight of stairs during an argument with Abigail, when, in fact, she lost the baby before that altercation with her sister.

Gwen was on the verge of telling dad Jack the truth only to be interrupted when Julie needed help getting out of a locked freezer. (Hey, it happens.) As much as we want to see the truth come to light, we were glad to see Gwen’s confession delayed as the revelation will obviously have a much bigger impact once Abigail is back in the picture. How severe a blow will Gwen’s secret have upon Jack and Abigail’s relationship given that he in essence stood by the wrong daughter?

Abigail desperately explains to Chad on Days of Our Lives

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That’s not the only drama teed up for Abigail’s return. As mentioned, Chad’s brother will encourage him in the coming week not to give up on his wife. While on the surface that seems like sound brotherly advice, there may be more at play than it first appears, especially when you take into consideration the complicated history between the three of them.

Not only do Chad and his brother have a contentious-at-best relationship, but EJ and Abigail did, you’ll recall, have an affair at one point. With Sami at least temporarily out of the picture, could EJ find himself drawn to his sister-in-law once again, especially should Chad’s efforts to reclaim his true love’s heart prove unsuccessful?

EJ, Chad and Tony argue DAYS

Then there’s EJ’s son Johnny, who, according to Soap Opera Digest, will ask his Aunt Abby to star in the movie he’s desperately trying to get off the ground. Already, the would-be film has caused a major rift between EJ (who wants his son to work for the family company) and Johnny. Should Abigail essentially throw her support behind the project by signing on as its leading lady, EJ might see that as a major betrayal. Plus, should Abby suddenly find herself spending a great deal of time helping make Johnny’s dreams come true, Chad might find himself feeling as if she’s neglecting both him and their children.

What do you think? Is Abigail finally coming home to work on her marriage? Or will there be too many obstacles to overcome? Chime in below and then look through our photo gallery of Abigail’s tumultuous history in Salem. If you haven’t yet, get your free daily soap-opera fix for Days of Our Lives — and all of the other daytime dramas — delivered straight to your email inbox by signing up for’s newsletter.