Ben and Ciara camp out on Days of Our Lives
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We’ve criticized Ben’s behavior in the past. But this time around, his POV is spot on.

Almost immediately after their first wedding, Days of Our Lives‘ Ben and Ciara found their lives reduced to rubble following the explosion which set in motion a tragic chain of events. Having finally reunited — and retied the knot — the couple are poised to begin the next step phase of their journey… which she apparently thinks should involve shopping at Baby Gap!

Since there’s apparently no time to waste, Ciara brought up the idea of procreating during their honeymoon road trip to New Orleans. While we love seeing Cin happy and in love, we agree with Ben and would like to suggest Mrs. Weston dial the baby talk back. Like, way back.

Ben and Ciara lay in each other's arms at the cabin on Days of Our Lives

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One of Ben’s main concerns centers on their finances. It’s not clear how they’re affording their honeymoon, let alone how they’d swing diapers, formula, a crib and the many, many other expenses having a baby racks up.

Despite not seeing it onscreen, Ben apparently is still working at the garage but as he admitted, he’s not getting rich off that. As for Ciara, she presumably didn’t make a cent in the year she was being held captive and currently has no income. Some might say she’s a Kiriakis so she’d have more than enough financial assistance and job opportunities — plus soaps aren’t exactly realistic when it comes to childrearing — but even Ciara acknowledged that she probably needs to find a job.

Ben’s other argument is that he just wants to be with his wife. We have taken a lot of issue with how he has gone about achieving this in the recent past, namely his kidnapping Ciara in an (ultimately successful) effort to jog her memory, but we find ourselves in complete agreement here. Now that they’ve reunited, they should just enjoy being young and in love and go on more crazy adventures like the one they’re embarking on in Beyond Salem before enrolling in Lamaze classes.

Ben and Ciara flirt on a motorcycle on Days of Our Lives

After some discussion, Ciara eventually came around to Ben’s way of thinking and agreed to table all the baby talk and focus on their future as a couple. But as executive producer Ken Corday recently told us, that doesn’t mean they’ll suddenly become boring. “When people are just looking at one another lovingly over a cup of coffee,” he said, “there’s not much drama there!”

Perhaps some of that inevitable drama they will encounter leads to some self-reflection for the Westons. Perhaps Ben will take a deep dive into his fears over what kind of father he’ll be in light of the poor role model he had growing up — not to mention the fact that he was once a serial killer. Meanwhile, Ciara could admit she is eager to have a baby as a way to avoid confronting (and dealing with) the trauma she suffered at the hands of her captors, Vincent and Rhodes.

Should the latter be the case, it might not be too far-fetched if Ciara’s refusal to face what happened leads to her taking extreme measures to become a mother. Then, should they conceive, Ben might be forced to face a few of his own issues, or perhaps even come to resent his beautiful wife for having forced the issue.

Or, something totally new and unexpected could happen for the happy couple. Tell us what you think about Ben and Ciara having a baby in the comments and then look through our photo gallery below of Cin’s greatest hits. Get your free daily soap-opera fix for Days of Our Lives — and all of the other daytime dramas — delivered straight to your email inbox by signing up for’s newsletter.