days beyond salem trailer art
Credit: NBC/Peacock

Get your first look at the limited series everyone’s going to be talking about!

If you don’t want the scoop on the upcoming Days of Our Lives spinoff Beyond Salem, stop reading right now. And whatever you do, don’t scroll down and watch the first trailer, or you’re going to find out way more than you wanted to know.

For the rest of you, let’s dish. Because the preview spills more tea than a clumsy waitress.

Let’s start with the plot: It’s already been established that the storyline revolves around the search for stolen gems. We now know that the jewels in question are known as the Alamanian Peacock (a nice nod to the streaming service on which the show will air) and someone made off with them in 1991.

Oh, and that information is shared with the audience by none other than Charles Shaughnessy’s much-loved Shane Donovan! But of course, as John — with whom Shane is telling the story — opines, “Why do I feel there’s more to the story than you’re telling?”

What follows is a series of short clips featuring the various already-announced players — including guests like Greg Rikaart (Leo), Christie Clark (Carrie) and Austin Peck (Austin) — as well as a glimpse of Eileen Davidson in action. The trailer does not, however, solve the mystery of whom Davidson is playing. If anything, it only raises more questions as we seem to see her as both Kristen and Sister Mary Moira… or at least wearing garb associated with those characters. And while we hear gunfire and Lani’s name being called out, her fate — assuming it is she who winds up on the receiving end of the bullet — is also not revealed.

And then there’s the hysterical trailer-capping moment featuring former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Jackie Cox as… well, click on the trailer below to find out.

Beyond Salem will air exclusively on the streaming service Peacock, with new episodes dropping daily from Monday, September 6 through Friday, September 10. For more on both Beyond Salem and Peacock, check out our look at everything you need to know, including how to watch for free. Then hit the comment section to let us know who you’re most excited to see return for the event before checking out this photopalooza covering pretty much the entire history of Salem!