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Gotta give props to the NBC soap’s promo department: This week’s teaser is a hoot and a half.

Do they give awards for Outstanding Video Preview Editing? If so, Days of Our Lives oughta be a real contender for the promo the show dropped on August 20 teasing the action coming up the week of August 23-27.

First, Allie’s twin brother Johnny gets Chanel to tell all about the young woman who has captured her fancy, starting with her name: “Nunya,” she deadpans. “It’s Nunya Bizness.” (Could that Raven Bowens be any cuter in the role?)

From there, things get serious — and if we know Ava, deadly serious. “Will you just admit that you want to sleep with Nicole?” she demands more than asks of beau Rafe.

days of our lives spoilers tripp allie rafe ava nicole i love you

Above: “And on top of everything else, this window is filthy!”

Credit: NBC screenshot

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Word to the wise, Rafe: If you’re going to let Ava down, do it gently, so gently that maybe she isn’t even aware that you’ve done so. She doesn’t, ya know, take disappointment well.

Finally, we see Tripp lolling in bed with Allie and working up the nerve to use the L word. In response, she… um… er… Actually, you should just watch the clip above to see her reply.

But it might give you a hint about her reaction if we tell you that when recently spoke with Lindsay Arnold, who plays Sami and Lucas’ daughter, she told us that Tripp is “sort of a soft place for her to land after what’s been a rough year or two. He checks a lot of boxes as far as what she’s supposed to want. He’s a really good guy, he’s going to be a doctor, everybody likes him… ”

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In other words, it would be easy to fall hard for him. And “in some ways, she just wants to take the easy way,” confirms Arnold. “I feel like she’s earned that. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the direction she should be going.

“Chanel is there, and that whole situation complicates things,” she adds. “Or it would, but Allie is sort of pushing that aside at the moment.”

days of our lives spoilers tripp allie rafe ava nicole i love you

Above: “Now I’ll awkwardly pause for you to say it back. Ready?”

Credit: NBC screenshot

After you watch the preview above, you can draw your own conclusions about how much longer Allie will be able to do so. And while you’re here, check out the below photo gallery of the stars of Days of Our Lives and their off-screen loves.

Video: YouTube/Days of Our Lives Promo