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A Facebook imposter sent the rumor mill into overdrive — and prompted a response from the actor himself.

None of Days of Our Lives’ infamous masks were needed for someone to impersonate Peter Reckell on Facebook and send his fans into a tizzy with talk that he is returning to the NBC soap on which he played Bo Brady off and on for more than 30 years. But alas, there was, of course, no truth to the lie — which the actor was quick to make clear to his followers on Twitter.

“I do not have a Facebook account,” for starters, he said. “I hope none of you have been taken in by this imposter.”

As the rumor continued to circulate, Reckell and wife Kelly Moneymaker became as frustrated as anyone would in their shoes. “Sheesh,” she sighed. “We are both so tired of imposters and people who spread misinformation.”

Added Reckell: “It would be nice if people would stop saying I’m going back to Days of Our Lives without checking with me.

“Yes, I miss Bo,” he added, “but not enough to change how fulfilling my life is right now.”

In case you haven’t heard, the daytime legend and his missus now live in New Zealand with their daughter, Loden, 13. Which may mean that he has no interest in reclaiming Bo’s leather jacket at the moment… but down the line? As he said in 2020, “Never say never.”

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