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“She’s making the ‘safe’ choice.”

There’s no denying that Days of Our Lives’ Allie and Tripp make an adorable couple. One might even go so far as to call them a perfect match… were it not for one little thing. “I’m not sure she’s being completely honest with herself, let alone him,” admits Lindsay Arnold, who plays Sami and Lucas’ daughter. That seems particularly true, given how jealous she got the moment she found out brother Johnny has been dating her former kissing partner, Chanel!

“It’s safe to say that Allie’s feelings are complicated,” understates Arnold.

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Certainly on paper, Tripp and Allie seem destined for a storybook romance. “She has been through so much this past year or two,” sighs Arnold. “Tripp is like an anchor, providing her with a safe space. And that might be what she needs more than anything right now, the stability that he represents. She hasn’t had that in a long time!”

It’s true that since Allie returned to Salem just over a year ago, she’s had a whole lot to deal with. “She’s had a baby, had to remember everything that happened to her in London, been a murder suspect,” reminds her portrayer. “The poor girl has been drained! She doesn’t have the space or energy right now to try and figure everything out with Chanel.”

Yet clearly, there’s something brewing just beneath the surface where the friendship between the Sweet Bits partners is concerned. “I think what she feels for Chanel is such a deep, deep love,” muses Arnold. “But she’s not sure what it all means. She’s never loved a girl so much, and she’s trying to figure out if it’s platonic or if it’s romantic. Where do those two things separate?”

Tripp stands between Allie and Chanel on Days of Our Lives

So while it appears Allie is all in with Tripp, there’s clearly much more to the story. “While she ‘chooses’ Tripp in a sense, she’s really just beginning to figure out what she needs, even if maybe she’s not being completely truthful about how she feels deep inside,” muses Arnold. “Chanel brings up a lot of things that Allie probably hasn’t even unpacked in herself.”

Getting together with Tripp could in some ways also be Allie simply doing what’s expected of her. “Tripp is the all-American guy who is going to be a doctor,” says Arnold. “He’s a good father figure for Henry. He’s all the things that she’s supposed to want.”

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Ah, but sometimes, the heart wants what the heart wants. And it seems Allie’s might very well want Chanel. “On soaps, things are never as they seem, and everything can change in an episode,” teases Arnold with a grin. “It seems as if Allie’s made her choice, but anything can happen in Salem, so you never really know!”

Do you want to see Allie find happiness with Tripp or Chanel? Weigh in via the comments section below, then join us in flashing back to the equally complex romance which unfolded between Allie’s parents, Lucas and Sami! Guess drama just runs in the family, huh?