Who kidnapped Sami on Days of Our Lives?
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See if you agree with our analysis of the likeliest suspects.

Sami’s plans to make EJ forgive her for sleeping with Lucas were highjacked when she was kidnapped at the end of Wednesday’s Days of Our Lives episode. While she might be off-canvas for a bit, actress Alison Sweeney revealed she’s already filming scenes that shed light on her character’s abduction. So that just leaves us with the question of who nabbed her. As to be expected, we have a few theories.

The Lover

The first suspect is Lucas. He could have grabbed his ex-wife turned lover to protect her from EJ who he feared would kill her upon learning about their affair. On the other hand, he could have found inspiration from Ben and grabbed Sami to try and make her love him back.

Lucas and Sami have emotional conversation on Days of Our Lives

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The Sister-in-Law

Then there’s Kristen who could be closer than anyone realizes and took her sister-in-law herself. She does enjoy locking people up and impersonating them. Perhaps her catch-up call with EJ prompted a trip to her mask maker.

Kristen talks on the phone on Days of Our Lives

The Former Mobster

Meanwhile, Ava’s mob past was conveniently brought up this week during a conversation with Jake. She could have reverted to her old Vitali ways and took steps to avenge her friend Nicole’s heartbreak. Or… she could be setting Nicole up to ensure she and Rafe never get together. It doesn’t seem like she’d have time, considering she was learning everything that went down between Nicole and Sami just as Sami was getting abducted, but it’s a soap — anything’s possible.

Ava and Nicole talk in Rafe's kitchen on Days of Our Lives

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The Husband

Perhaps the most likely suspect is none other than Sami’s husband. We were surprised when EJ immediately confronted Samantha about her infidelity instead of launching an elaborate revenge scheme. But maybe this is all part of it. He did tell Kristen over the phone that he had “plans” for his cheating wife and vowed to Stefano’s portrait that we wouldn’t let Samantha get away with humiliating him. Perhaps throwing her out of the mansion was just the start of his diabolical plot.

EJ looks sternly at Sami in the DiMera mansion on Days of Our Lives

The Victim

Of course, we can’t count out Sami herself. Orchestrating her own kidnapping to make EJ worry so much he forgives her is one of the Sami-est things we can think of.

How about you?

Sami blows into Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

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