EJ revenge plot against Sami on Days of Our Lives
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

An accomplice might be the key when the NBC soap returns from the Olympic break.

EJ returned to Salem. He took back control (or co-control) of DiMera. He and Sami happily reunited. And yet… his wife has been keeping a huge secret from him. A secret EJ just found out about before Days of Our Lives went on an Olympic-sized two-week break.

Nicole was all too happy to be the one to hand-deliver Kristen’s letter to EJ, spelling out Sami’s tryst with her ex-husband, Lucas. Of course, EJ didn’t accept the revelation well and took it out on the contents of his desk.

EJ then collected himself and went home to his wife Samantha with a big smile on his face, leading us to wonder what this will all mean when Days of Our Lives returns on August 9.

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EJ looks sternly at Sami in the DiMera mansion on Days of Our Lives

It’s hard to imagine EJ will just accept Sami’s infidelity and keep quiet about it. He may have taken responsibility for his shabby treatment of her while he recuperated from his near-death experience, but we’re pretty sure he’s not going to take the blame for sending her into the arms of another man.

That means, he could immediately confront Sami about sleeping with Lucas when Days comes back from hiatus. However, we imagine the EJ we all know and love will resort to something more diabolical. Something like smiling to Sami’s face while plotting her and Lucas’ downfall behind their backs.

He might even rope Nicole in on his schemes. She may have gotten immediate payback for Sami sabotaging her marriage to Eric but knowing the Nicole of old, it’s possible her vengeance will know no bounds. Nicole and EJ did share some firey banter when she handed him the letter so it could be fun to watch the exes team up against Sami — and then fall back into old patterns, if you know what we mean.

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EJ and Belle smirk at each other in the DiMera office on Days of Our Lives

Another option is that EJ turns to Sami’s sister to further twist the knife. Belle and EJ’s legal strategy session just before the break felt rather pointed, especially considering how angry Belle was with Sami. Could EJ find comfort in his sister-in-law as he reels from Sami’s betrayal? Or, will he specifically target her to exact his revenge?

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