Ciara and Theo's Wedding Day
Credit: NBC screenshot

Sami and Nicole’s vendetta gets them both a heaping dose of heartache.

In the Days of Our Lives weekly preview for July 19 – 23, relationships are falling apart left and right. Read on for the scoop.

It’s Ciara and Theo’s rushed wedding day, and not that many people are excited about it save for the bride and groom. Even as Allie helps Ciara prepare, and Shawn walks her down the aisle, Ben hasn’t given up. He vows to Claire that he’ll stop this wedding, but he just might be out of time.

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Ben isn’t the only one who is in for a heartbreak. Sami’s plot to break up Eric and Nicole is going full steam ahead, with Xander ruining their first anniversary by revealing he and Nicole slept together. Eric’s reaction is, well, let’s just say it’s good he’s no longer a priest!

And finally, there is Lucas, Sami and EJ. Lucas has admitted to Philip about his and Sami’s affair, and that he is in possession of the letter Sami tried to burn revealing their tryst. However, he knows exposing it will cost him everything. Still, it doesn’t stop him from making an impassionate plea to Sami to give their love a chance. Meanwhile, somehow, EJ has gotten ahold of the letter. The question is, what will he do with this information? The old EJ would use it to twist the knife into his wife and her ex without them even knowing he knows about them!

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