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These are the “DAYS” of my week from November 23-25:

This was a short week due to the Thanksgiving holiday. I’m not sure there was a real theme to the week. There certainly wasn’t much of a holiday which might have let some down. I think they made up for it with the extended scene in Maggie’s kitchen. The thought that kept going through my head this week while thinking of the show is that we truly could use Marlena just about now!

What makes a good mother?
We realize that the mothers are written for a purpose but it’s still very complicated!

Nicole was obviously not being a good mother by stealing Sydney from her rightful parents, but when she had Sydney, she was a great mother. Sydney was well taken care of. Though Mary has a hand in things and I suppose EJ was around Sydney once in a while, Nicole was super attentive. Nicole would only get a sitter when she was trying to hide her secret. Hmm. When Nicole took Sydney out of the DiMera residence, I wasn’t upset about it. Sydney thinks of her as mum and Nicole merely wanted to get Syd away from Sami, EJ and Stefano’s yelling. If they weren’t yelling, she may never have taken the child. Who is to know?

Sami hasn’t been a good mother in the past, as we all know, but we’ll leave the past where it belongs. In the past! As a parent these days she has made headway with Will, but they still have major issues because of Sami’s issues in her romantic life. Her other two kids aren’t around her very much. They’re with their fathers or grandmother but they can’t be in each scene like Syd can. Let me digress. Syd isn’t in all those scenes you may think. We see a lot of fancy camera work and empty carriages! At any rate, the twins are with grandma and that’s important too, but it makes Sami’s parenting look shabby, as though she’s pawning her kids off, but that’s not what it’s really like! We must remember Grace and how attentive and loving she was with her. Then again, she hid her from her father… See? It’s complicated!

We can’t really compare, can we, if we look at all aspects of the two mums. In the weekly poll, already I can see that 80% of people find Sami the better mother, which I completely understand but given what I’ve mentioned above, I can’t say Nicole’s a terrible mother. Damned good acting on Arianne’s part for making me feel bad for Nicole!

I’ve had people tell me that Brady is a loser for loving Nicole. I don’t think people actually take the time to think before they speak or write. I disagree with them. Brady’s no loser and loving somebody does not make one a loser. Though he probably shouldn’t have taken her at face value, he didn’t realize she was lying when he bailed her out of jail. After all, you have to keep in mind that Brady was the one person that Nicole trusted enough to tell most of the truth to! He already knew most of her secrets so why would he think there were more? He confronted her and told her they’re no longer friends, which was what she needed to hear and then admitted to Arianna that though he’s still in love with Nicole, part of him hates her. His heart and his head are conflicted. Who knows what journey that’ll take him on?

He’s not going to find a friend at the bottom of a bottle!
Whether or not you like EJ, you have to agree that he needs a friend. He seems to use booze quite often when he’s upset, and that accompanied with strangling his father isn’t really going to help him. Everyone needs somebody to bounce their problems off of and since he’s no longer talking to Stefano, who does he have? Perhaps Sami? I feel for him. He’s worse off than Tony was because he has nobody at all. Arianna left Brady high and dry after learning he’s still in love with Nicole, and EJ is free of his own wife, who just happens to be the same woman. Does this mean EJ and Ari will commiserate together? I can feel the Ejami and Ecole’s glaring at me for even suggesting this! *hides*

I almost lost my lunch.

Will came to make amends at the gravesite with Mia, who told him she lost her reputation, self-respect, and most of all, him. Who wrote that dialogue, Stephenie Meyer? Mia’s loss of self-respect is the most important thing, not losing Will. I almost lost my lunch listening to that poor child. She needs love, love, love. Maggie was such a dear to help get Mia out of her head. While I may talk about Maggie being a busybody, she also cares deeply and empathizes with all. This was a fantastic Thanksgiving scene and probably my favorite of the week other than Victor and Vivian’s chat at Java!
What to make of Carly…