Eric and Nicole Reunite Days
Credit: NBC screenshot

Sami and Nicole are at one another’s throats, but who will come out on top?

In the Days of Our Lives weekly preview for July 12 – 16, Eric is back in town, but can Nicole keep her secret? Read on for the scoop.

Eric has been in Africa for a while now, and Nicole began to lose faith that her husband would ever come home. Unfortunately, one drunken lonely night led to the biggest mistake of her life when she wound up in Xander’s bed. But this week he’s back, and Eric’s family plans a big surprise party for him and Nicole. The only problem? Sami! Sami knows that Nicole cheated on her brother Eric with Xander, the only problem is, she doesn’t have the proof! Meanwhile, Nicole knows Sami cheated on EJ with Lucas, yet she’s stuck in the same predicament. Both women are determined to expose the other’s infidelity.

As Eric and Nicole revel in their reunion, Sami decides to destroy her nemesis’ life by exposing her affair at Eric’s big homecoming party. Will she be able to do it before someone reveals Sami and Lucas’ own tryst? Both Gabi and Jake know that truth, but Jake agreed for Gabi’s sake not to use it to get back at his brother EJ for ejecting him out of the CEO seat at DiMera. After all, Sami is the grandmother of Gabi’s daughter, and Lucas is Arianna’ss grandfather. However, Kristen is still lurking out there and could yet bring Sami down.

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Video: Days of Our Lives/YouTube