days john marlena wedding 1999 Deidre Hall and Drake HogestynDays of our Lives setNBC Studios6/10/99© John Paschal/JPI310-657-9661Episode #8580
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July 6, 1999 wasn’t technically the first time that the supercouple tied the knot. But it was the first time that they did so knowing to whom they were reciting their vows.

“If it first you don’t succeed, try, try again” doesn’t really apply to marriage-minded Days of Our Lives duo John Black and Marlena Evans. Their first marriage, begun back in 1986, was a roaring success. There was just one problem: When they entered into it, she believed that she was taking as her husband her “late” love, Roman Brady.

Well, that and she herself would soon “die” in air quotes.

john marlena wedding 1999 Deidre Hall and Drake HogestynDays of our Lives setNBC Studios6/10/99©John Paschal/JPI 310-657-9661episode #8580


But by 1999, John and Marlena were ready to “I do” it for real. By then, they knew that Roman was alive and well — oh, and it goes without saying that John wasn’t him. He’d lost wife Isabella. Marlena had tried and failed to fight her feelings for John, even after reuniting with Roman. The exes had even gone through hell to rid Marlena of the demon that had taken possession of her heavenly body, and banished she-devil Kristen DiMera from their lives.

Well, as best anybody can; like a bad penny, she always comes back.

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“Oh, honey,” sighed John, beaming at his radiant bride, “we are meant to be together, and I’m so happy that we are.”

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So are their legion of fans, who perhaps more than reading a rehash of the ceremony would enjoy taking a stroll down the aisle — and, at the same time, Memory Lane — to revisit not just these nuptials but all of John and Marlena’s “I dos” in one massive photo album. If that’s you, RSVP yes by clicking here or on the picture below.

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