Stage is set for Theresa's return to Days of Our Lives
Credit: Jill Johnson, Howard Wise/JPI

A triangle could turn into a quadrangle with a little help from Theresa.

Drugs, fraud, embezzlement, blackmail, assault, manipulation. These were just a few of Theresa’s colorful past times upon hitting Salem on July 3, 2013. Though she hasn’t been seen in three years, we can’t help but think now is the perfect time for Shane and Kimberly’s troublemaking daughter to return.

If you’ll recall, Theresa was last seen in 2018 after escaping drug lord Mateo with a self-serving assist from Xander. She came straight back to Salem, only to dive headfirst into a nasty custody battle with Brady over their son, Tate. Thankfully for the little boy, his parents worked things out. However, Theresa took him with her when she left Salem to be with her ailing mother.

When we caught up with Jen Lilley last summer, asked if the door might be open for a return. The Hallmark star enthusiastically replied, “I would love it. That cast and crew… I love Days of Our Lives.”

Of course, the subject of Theresa’s love life came up, leading Lilley to agree that her off-screen character is still pining away for Tate’s dad. “Always. Always. Always,” she said. “That is her soul mate.”

While Theresa may believe that, Brady’s got a pretty full romantic plate right now considering a very dangerous Kristen is somewhere out there, herself, pining for him. And even more immediately, his feelings for Chloe have reignited.

But that’s where the opportunity presents itself for Theresa to blow back into Salem.

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Theresa and Brady on Days of Our Lives

Brady and Philip have been fighting over Chloe’s heart for weeks now. Even though Chloe, just this week, decided to slowly pursue things with Philip, it’s clear she still has feelings for Brady. Therefore, it’s not hard to imagine Philip calling on his nephew’s ex to help keep Brady away from the chanteuse turned businesswoman. Then, as the two scheme to keep Brady and Chloe apart, Theresa and Philip could find themselves drawn to each other.

Thus, expanding the triangle into an even messier quadrangle!

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