Ciara wants a divorce Days NBC
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Romance is in the air, but maybe not for everyone.

In the Days of Our Lives weekly preview for June 28 – July 2,  Ciara is back in Salem, and Sami makes her move. Read on for the scoop.

Since saving Chloe from the psychotic Jan spears, and realizing Kristen is off her rocker as well, both Philip and Brady have been competing for Chloe’s attention. And while Chloe’s feelings for Brady had resurfaced, she also can’t seem to say no to her first love, Philip. Philip is hoping he has a chance with her, and from this preview, he stands a pretty good one!

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Over at Casa De DiMera, far too many people have moved in, and there is a whole lot of bed-hopping going on. Kate continues to fake her blindness and temporary amnesia in order to punish Jake and Gabi, though Gabi isn’t about to play Kate’s game. She and Jake sneak kisses, and more, whenever they can. Little does Jake know that his brothers are working to oust him from DiMera, and a scorned Kate has a vote on the board!  Meanwhile, Sami seems to be making good on her vow to focus on her marriage to EJ, though we doubt Lucas is going to roll over and give up on Sami now that he’s had a taste of that old Lumi magic between them again.

Elsewhere, Paulina and Abe are still going strong in their new romance, but he has no idea what she’s planning for the town’s beloved Horton Square. And Ciara is back in Salem this week and it appears she still wants nothing to do with Ben, aside from his signature on those divorce papers. How will she react when Ben tells her exactly what he did with them?

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