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Credit: Priscilla Grant, Courtesy of the Everett Collection

“I’ll be curious to see how this plays out” with the audience, the daytime legend admits.

When it comes to soapy storylines, it’s safe to say that since joining the cast of Days of Our Lives back in 1976, Deidre Hall has played ’em all. In fact, she’s played at least a few that we’re pretty sure nobody else on daytime can lay claim to. Who but Marlena can say that one of her daughters (Sami) tried to sell the other (Belle) on the black market? And don’t get us started on the whole possession thing!

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But what’s coming up is so different from anything Hall has played before that she’s actually a little nervous! While chatting with the iconic actress on the red carpet at the Daytime Emmys, correspondent Kristyn Burtt asked if there’s anything Marlena — long the moral compass of Salem — could do that fans wouldn’t accept.

The answer was not what Burtt expected. After a long pause, Hall revealed, “We’re on the verge of some of it. We’ve got something coming up in… about three months. You’re going to go, ‘I don’t even know if I can go for that!'”

Asked what it’s like to receive scripts which take things in so unexpected a direction, Hall admitted, “I never believe that it’s the actor’s job to dictate story. I believe it’s the actor’s job to interpret what’s on the page and make it come to life.

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“But,” she added with a twinkle in her eye, “these next few months? I have had such a rockin’ good time, and it’s gonna be all on the screen. It’s coming!”

As to what fans will think of the top-secret storyline, Hall isn’t quite sure. “I’ll be curious to see how this plays out,” she said, adding in a sly tone, “I’m treading a little lightly here!”

To hear what Hall has to say about a variety of topics ranging from new co-star Jackée Harry (“She’s a pip!”) to the guidance she happily offers newbies when asked, click PLAY on the video above. Then check out the gallery below in which we flash back to just some of the many, many highlights of Marlena’s time in Salem. And make sure to watch this year’s Daytime Emmys telecast, airing Friday, June 25, at 8/7c on CBS.