Days characters who need more screen time
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Salem could benefit from lengthier stories involving these recurring players.

This week’s Days of Our Lives told several stories involving characters we don’t always see on a regular basis. Not only was it good to visit with the recurring Salem players, but it reminded us why we’d like to see even more of them. And we just might get our wish, as the NBC soap opera seemingly dropped a few hints about things to come. At least we hope they’re to come.

A shirtless Shawn and Belle makeout on the couch on Days of Our Lives


Shawn and Belle are the offspring of two classic Days supercouples, have family ties to half of Salem, and have professions that could put them in the other half of Salem’s orbit. Yet, they have just been popping up for a couple of weeks to vanquish Jan. Now that they’ve done that again we hope that doesn’t mean they’re going back on the shelf. There was a lot of talk this week about how no one, not even a comatose Jan, will come between the Bradys again, which usually means the opposite is about to happen. While her twitching finger probably means Jan will live to torment them another day, we hope Belle and Shawn face a few fresh, new obstacles to conquer before that happens.

Claire Days of Our Lives


To be fair, Claire has had a lot of screentime upon her return from the psychiatric hospital, she just needs more purpose. After her disastrous romance with Charlie, all she’s done is provide a sounding board for Ben and Allie, and become Jan’s victim. Considering Ben could be getting some happiness with Ciara this summer and Allie has a pretty full plate — what with a child, a burgeoning love triangle with Tripp and Chanel, and a new job — Claire could stand to get a life of her own. Hopefully, she takes her parents’ suggestion to focus on herself, instead of Ben, to heart. Getting a job might be a good start.

Eli and Lani kiss at home on Days of Our Lives


Eli and Lani are deeply in love with each other and their twins, but that isn’t a storyline. We applaud Days for bringing Lani’s Aunt Paulina and cousin Chanel to Salem, but instead of deepening her and Eli’s story, it just made the Grants supporting players in their family’s drama. Maybe their upcoming wedding anniversary will kick something off for them. Or, perhaps the cops with connections to the revered Horton family and Mayor Abe Carver will get a good mystery to solve together. Possibly starting with the body Claire and Allie are about to find in the lake.

Li Shin kisses Gabi's hand on Days of Our Lives

Li Shin

He’s often mentioned but has only occasionally been seen. Much like his father, Wei Shin, before him. However, DiMera board member, Li Shin, could be a force to be reckoned with if he was written for more than just the occasional board meeting or decider of who gets to be CEO. Perhaps EJ’s assertion on Tuesday’s episode that Shin put Jake in charge of DiMera so he could take over the company himself was a tease of things to come. Li could also be a good distraction for Gabi who might want to make Jake jealous as he tends to a not-so-blind Kate.

Steve and Roman look through hospital files on Days of Our Lives


Roman Brady used to go on adventures, have romances, and solve crimes as part of Salem’s police department. Now, he lends an ear every now and then while pouring a beer or serving chowder to whatever troubled soul walks through the Brady Pub doors. The barkeep did bring up Kate’s name a couple of times this week, leading us to wonder if she could give her former flame another chance after all. Or, maybe, Melinda Trask could use an ear to bend after a long day in court. Heck, we’d settle for Roman just catching up with his daughter Sami, who could probably use her father’s grounding advice considering she has a lot going on right now.

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