EJ confronts Sami and Lucas DAYS
Credit: NBC screenshot

EJ is back in Salem and looking for answers! 

In the Days of Our Lives weekly preview for June 14 – 18, EJ is back and has a lot of questions. Read on for the scoop.

Since returning to Salem, Sami hasn’t been able to stay out of her ex-husband Lucas’ orbit. Between Charlie’s murder, and Kristen’s blackmail, these two have been thick as thieves just like the old days. Apparently, Lucas has been yearning for those days again and told Sami that they are magic together, and he wants that magic back. However, at that very moment, EJ returned!

For weeks Sami has feared that EJ knows that she and Lucas slept together, and from the promo for next week’s episodes, it appears she is right! EJ knows something has been going down since he’s been apart from his wife and point-blank asks Sami what is going on with her and Lucas. Will Sami be able to lie to EJ? Well of course she can, this is Sami… but will he believe her?

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Look for EJ to reunite with Chad and Tony, and Sami… but Lucas thinks Sami is going to break up with EJ and chose him. From this promo, it looks like Lucas may be disappointed! But are EJ’s feelings for Sami still there, or is he playing games with her in order to punish her for betraying him?

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