Sami's choice between EJ and Lucas on Days of Our Lives
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI; NBC screenshot

Let the games begin!

Days of Our Lives ended on a thrilling cliffhanger last week when Sami opened the door to her estranged husband EJ. We knew he’d be popping up, but we didn’t know it would be immediately after Lucas gave Sami an impassioned speech about why they should be together.

“It’s called magic,” Lucas said. “That’s what we have. It’s honest, it’s real and it’s passionate. And I have never had it with anybody but you. And I want it again.”

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Sami protested, claiming she was married. “What EJ and I had…,” she started to explain, until Lucas interrupted, pointing out she used the past tense when referring to her husband. “I’m your present,” Lucas countered. “I’m all in if you are.”

Just as a clearly affected Sami was about to respond, wouldn’t you know it, EJ knocked on the door.

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So, now what? Will Sami choose the friend, lover and father of her children who has been there for most of her life — and wants another chance with her? Or will Sami try to make it work with the man she has spent more than a decade passionately loving and fighting with — and who fathered her other children — but who has been pushing her away?

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